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  1. Addikiin

    Business Blog

    Hi, Thanks for reverting.. Hope you know what are blogs and today its a very popular social media tool for sharing your views and ideas on any topic. So, wanted to find which site is most visited for creating business blogs.
  2. Addikiin

    Business Blog

  3. Addikiin

    Business Blog

    Hi, Want to know about Business blogs and few sites which are best at it...
  4. Addikiin

    Indians are welcome here

    Good to see all the indians united in this forum... Good Going
  5. Addikiin

    Common Interview Question

    Initially, an interviewer generally asks... "Tell me About Yourself" I have seen people getting confused thinking whether to talk about their personal or professional background... What can be a smart answer to this question?
  6. Keep Feeling the Need for being FIRST

  7. Its a working saturday...

  8. Addikiin

    Increasing Facebook Interaction

    Hmmm... i add valuable links with latest news updates.. such as... Hottest Technology in 2011... still there are no likes on it... however.. when i send them freind requests they accept it... but ignore the posts.. whats wrong
  9. This is strange..On facebook, I have observed that people are liking my brand pages but are hardly Commenting or Liking the updates that I post daily...How should I increase the engagement level of my brands with the people LIKING my pages. Any Suggestions???
  10. Finally found the Adwords Tool....

  11. If you have a WEBSITE, then you have something INTERNATIONAL that Breaks the Barriers between Countries and Continents.

  12. Websites should not take more than 15seconds to load... Keep it Simple & Effective!

  13. todays date is different yet very similar... 20-10-2010

  14. Addikiin

    Social Media Linked to TV Sets

    An article said, television is not only a broadcast medium today..it is now a social media tool as well. Users can share their views on a particular tv show by accessing social media sites via TV sets.. How is it done? Are all the Tv sets compatible to this feature or its integrated with Google TV only??
  15. Addikiin

    What is splitting of links?

    Hi James! Hope I can help you with this.. Will explain you with an example: For instance, while doing an email campaign for your company's latest offer, you have added your website URL in the newsletter. This URL is an outside link.. Now when customers click on this link they should land to a page where the details of the offer are mentioned breifly and the URL of the landing page should not be of some other website... IF they are different... links will break... users might just get lost in the website and leave with no solution in hand.