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    The Order of the BGP Filter Lists!

    According to Nrbik Tshoot workbook version 4.0: The order depends on the direction the policy is applied to. For outbound direction: 1. Distribute list 2. Prefix-list 3. Filter-list 4. Route-map And then, the reverse order for the inbound direction. I've confirmed and tested it personally.
  2. ciscobox

    Tagalog? (part2)

    ui meron plang tagalog thread dito, hehe! astig! i'm also in networking field. ccnp,ccnp,ccip here. gusto ko na din sana mg try sa ibang bansa para mkaipon. astig talaga. daming experts na pinoy!
  3. ciscobox

    New CCNP curriculum v6 - ROUTE, SWITCH + TSHOOT

    Thanks for the info!
  4. ciscobox

    AAA Easy to understand Tutorial.

    Good read!! Thanks!!