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  1. Hi guys, For some unforeseen reason i have bumped into SSBS 2008 technology. I am still on the researching stage whether to pursue this technology in details or not (to specialize). I have started reading Pro series book by Apress, by the author Klaus Aschenbrenner (Titled: Pro SQL Server 2008 Service Broker). Although this author has very well described the technology in the first 2 introductory chapters, i may require feedback from other experts out here on: 1. Prospects of this technology in another 5 years or so. 2. How SSBS can replace other messaging technologies on the market (besides it's significance as built-in message + transaction architecture)? 3. Will SSBS be the Microsoft's built-in middle-tier technology replacing other available Microsoft technologies in market currently (e.g. WCF, webservice etc)? 4. Can this architecture support efficient distributed system (or can SSBS implementation implicated to Grid computing or cloud computing)? Any other technical argument related to this topic are very well welcomed. Thank you. Riveri