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  1. Hi, I guess we all know that the ITIL Foundation v3 ahs been updated. Here's my situation. I started studying for the ITIL Foundation V3 a few weeks back, and found out today that it's been "updated". I've been working as a network engineer for the past 1 year, I don't have any experience in consulting and the ITIL concepts are pretty new to me. I'd like to know if the older study material (v3) is sufficient to get a fair idea of this updated version? I wanted to take this exam in the next 3-4 weeks. But, I'm wondering whether to wait a few months and collect more study material, before I go ahead with the exam. What do you think? Thanks, Saneth
  2. Saneth

    Sync Oracle 11g

    Hi, I need to sync my oracle 11g database with another oracle 11g DB on a different server. Could someone tell me how to do this and what tools I will require for this? Both the servers are Windows Server 2003 Thanks and Regards, Saneth
  3. Saneth

    Adding a personal E-Mail to outlook

    hey thanx man
  4. Hey, So i wanna add my personal e-mail address to Microsoft Outlook at work. Will the network admin find out once i've done this. If yes, then is there a way to do it without his knowledge?? Thanks