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  1. Internetwork Solutions

    Crashed and burned

    Come to Thailand in September-October before taking your lab in October. Justin is reconsidering coming again too. Contact me by email - I can make this worthwhile for you, I am sure.
  2. Internetwork Solutions

    Cisco Training in Thailand @ Internetwork Solutions (ISOL)

    In response to the review, It is suggested to come prepared for the training and understand you are coming for CCIE training, not a basic course. People who have come somewhat prepared have found immense value in the course. Most people who have attended the course have reported that this is the best course possible for CCIE training. To those interested in taking up our courses, I would be glad to provide references of students who have taken courses with us. Some reviews from real students:
  3. Internetwork Solutions

    which COMPTIA course....advice, please

    Why dont you opt for CCNA instead? Its a more valuable certification imo.
  4. Internetwork Solutions

    Question about CCNA Bootcamp

    Hello, I may be biased here, but I definitely think taking up training in a formal environment where you have plenty of equipment to work on, knowledgeable trainers to patiently take care of you and help you understand the technologies related to the certification and then in the end provide you with a plan on how to prepare for the exam as well would be of immense value. Often you would save a lot of time by taking up training in a good school as compared to doing it by yourself.
  5. Internetwork Solutions

    Cisco Training in Thailand @ Internetwork Solutions (ISOL)

    Mark tells us why he chose to take up training with us instead of taking Cisco training in London and MCITP training in London.
  6. Internetwork Solutions

    CCNP home lab building

    Yes, for sure. Didn't know if it was allowed. Will do that now, assuming it is.
  7. Internetwork Solutions

    CCNP home lab building

    Not sure if its allowed to post links or email addresses of vendors in this forum. Maybe I can send you his contact information if you send me an email using the contact form from the website address given in my signature? Please specify in the email that you are inquiring about a Cisco equipment vendor in Singapore / Malaysia.
  8. Internetwork Solutions

    CCNP home lab building

    Apparently the NM-16A/S come in 2 types. You need to make sure you are buying the one that would enable to use it as a terminal server. http://www.cisco.com...ges/nm-16as.jpg - Not suitable http://www.officespe...s/95907_big.jpg - Suitable We always use Cisco 2511 routers in our labs as terminal servers, but for CCNP, there are fewer devices and Cisco 2509 should be fine.
  9. Internetwork Solutions

    CCNP home lab building

    One of the vendors I buy from has an office in Singapore & also in Malaysia which is nearby. Do you want me to get you his contact information?
  10. Internetwork Solutions

    What is MCITP?

    If you see Microsoft's website, there are many tracks for MCITP: http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/certification/mcitp.aspx#tab2 These relate to different areas Windows Client Windows Server Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft Office Project Server Microsoft Exchange Server Microsoft SharePoint Server Microsoft Lync Server It would be rare to find an institute / training centre that does all & if it did, it would not be an institute that specializes in that field, but more like a "jack of all trades" But since you are on Sadikhov forum, I tend to assume you would be interested in MCITP: Server Administrator or MCITP: Enterprise Administrator The question is where do you live? Do you want training in your own area or are prepared to travel to some place where you can get quality training? It would be difficult for someone to recommend you a school without knowing where you wish to take the training.
  11. Internetwork Solutions

    What CompTIA Certs to get

    Hello, If you are planning to study further - for example, if you plan to do a Cisco CCNA (which is where your Cisco journey basically starts), then it's not that important, imho, to additionally have the Network+. Similarly, if you plan to pursue Microsoft and Cisco courses further, most of what you cover in Security+ and a LOT more will be covered when you do these. I read somewhere that a Comptia A+ was a minimum requirement for some jobs in UK. I assume this is for hardware jobs only and as you prepare to move into more lucrative networking jobs, a CCNA in your resume will be far more valuable than A+, N+, etc. I am a bit biased towards Cisco, but in any case, to summarize my view, doing Cisco and Microsoft certifications will be useful and you may want to not do any more Comptia certifications in that case (since exams cost money & unless you are on an unlimited budget, it makes sense to allocate your budget to the most useful certifications from your intended career path perspective than take all those come your way)
  12. Internetwork Solutions

    OFFICIAL RedHat Training Book RHCE 300 Linux RHEL 6 eBay

    Red Hat training partners are obliged to buy official Red Hat curriculum (from Red Hat) and offer that as part of the Red Hat course. As far as you are concerned, you are not obliged to buy official Red Hat books can just buy the best available book to prepare for your exam - check the reviews and decide, I would say on which one to buy.
  13. Come to Thailand for the finest Cisco and Microsoft training on Earth. Learn from CCIE trainers and Microsoft Specialists.

  14. Internetwork Solutions

    From CCNA to CCIE ?

    It does not make sense at all to skip the CCNP course and go directly for CCIE training. I wonder which trainer would suggest something like that? However, if CCIE is your ultimate goal and you don't plan to take up a job before you have your CCIE cleared, it is technically possible for you to skip both the CCNA and CCNP exams and go directly for the CCIE exam (first CCIE Qual which then makes you eligible to take the CCIE lab exam).
  15. Internetwork Solutions

    which is better training

    There is an overwhelming amount of material available on the internet for Cisco certifications, especially the CCIE. Plus, it's not clear to me if whether you are referring to workbooks or audio-video material of IPexpert / INE or perhaps their complete packages. As far as workbooks go, quality of several workbooks available is quite good. They are not immensely different from each other as far as I know. I would say you could do one full set of workbooks from any one vendor and look at few more labs from each different vendor, which you can get - if you have friends who have bought different vendor products. In the end, I guess it all boils how much effort you put in doing the labs and understanding the underlying technologies, not which vendor you have chosen. In my opinion, if you are talking about videos and CBTs, these are not comparable to real books. A lot of good CCIE books are available and these should not be overlooked. My own impression is that good CCIE books must always come first and never be substituted for videos/CBTs. I am not denying that videos and CBTs are also useful, in comparison to the effort needed in studying a good book, this looks like a bit of entertainment to me - useful entertainment though. I may be biased, but I don't think a video or CBT can completely replace classroom training. Yes, it may add value to what you get in a classroom training if you have seen videos or gone through CBTs. Even if you were to join a CCIE class or solving workbooks on your own, you would be far better of reading some CCIE books before you start and then use videos and CBTs from time to time after your training or self study to just refresh your concepts. I realize that this post has not been one that asks for a comparison between CCIE books (Cisco press books and few others) and vendor products like CBTs / Videos. However, I thought my post my not be irrelevant. I do apologize though if it has been completely irrelevant.