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  1. jwhite

    want to be a programmer

    I think that first you should have passion to be a programmer. Then you should have good logical power and problem solving skill. You should be able to learn most of the things by yourself. I want to give an advice to start with the basic programming language C. From this you can get good knowledge about the programming that what does programming mean ? You can develop your logical skill. Also you can understand many programming concepts like functions,variables,etc.
  2. jwhite

    Oracle 10g Installation Error

    I have not installed Oracle 10g yet. As you have written that the host name is not resolved by DNS. Then I think that you did not provide proper host name while it was asking during the installation. So such kind of error occurred. I would like to suggest you to uninstall it and re-install it. I came across such kind of problem when I was installing it. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. My problem solved at that time.
  3. I want to study some Sun Microsystems Certified programs. But I do not know anything about it. How can I get information about such programs ? Please provide me some information regarding this. I want a list of such programs and of course what are the fees for those programs ? Also give me some good guidance to select an appropriate program.
  4. I have done my graduation in science stream. Right now I am working in a growing company. I want to learn some Microsoft Certified Program. But I have no sufficient knowledge about them. I want to know that which are good Microsoft Certified programs. I want a list of Microsoft certified programs. Which program among them is best for me to make my future bright? Please give me some guidance for this.
  5. jwhite

    Outlook Calendar + Sharing

    I think that you can get good guidance from internet. You just search in Google,type guide for Outlook Calender and calenders sharing. Then you will get many wesites in results which provide online tutorials. Also some websites provide pdf files. So you can download these pdf files and get good guidance from them.