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  1. Hello all i got a HSDPA USB modem from a provider and used it for 1 month, didnt like their package . so decided to go for other provider but cant use the new providers chip in the old providers HSDPA. if i try to get a new 1 from the new provider it costs around 150$ . is there any way to play with my old HSDPA and get it working with the new provider ? Thanks
  2. C|EH

    hi everyone can any1 tell me the validity of C|EH it expires/doesnt expire in how many years thanks
  3. does RHCE expire ?

    Thx its clear now .. same question regarding C|eh .. does it expire as well ? because when i googled it a site says that it does as well ? Thanks
  4. does RHCE expire ?

    so if i attend the exam by this year what will i be counted RHCE 5 or 6 ?
  5. does RHCE expire ?

    Hi all like cisco exam expires every 3 years .. does RHCE expire or its life time valid ? Thanks
  6. GNS CPU` Usage

    hi ghost IOS is checked.. but if i try to check spare memory it says your topology will be erased/replaced .. i got the lab and im scared to select as it will erase/change the topology ?
  7. GNS CPU` Usage

    okay martinlo idle pc issue solved .. 2 problems now 1- i have CBT nuggets video but dont have the gns3 lab(s) .. i need it ! so where can i get so i can start practice on it 2- the "enable" you mean .. where exactly and how to use it ..
  8. GNS CPU` Usage

    Ths chrcel and others .. it worked on my desktop .. my notebook still high mayb cuz it has 1 GB ram only no problem will do the labs on desktop .. again ,, thx all
  9. GNS CPU` Usage

    thx all for replying .. show version showed me this and @martinlo i asked my previous teacher and he gave me the same command exec-timeout .. but it doesnt work .. what to do now ? thanks
  10. GNS CPU` Usage

    i tried different idle pc and even different pc/laptop .. duno y its the same ,.. im using " c2600-adventerprisek9-mz.124-17.bin image and slot 1- 1fe-tx .. wic-2t x 2 .. thanks
  11. GNS CPU` Usage

    hi i finished CCNA and am planning to go for route 642-902 .. i started using cbt nuggets video and reached the EIGRP lab i installed GNS3 and chose idle PC * option .. still cpu usage is 100% i tried it on 1 GB Ram notebook and my desktop 2.4 ghz core 2 duo 4 GB ram .. both the same .. im really looking for a solution so i can start practice thanks