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  1. Hi

    can you please put the image linksor send me on my email id akssun@yahoo.com


  2. Edgar Díaz Orellana

    CCIE Security rack rental needed

    Men, send me an email eorellan1969(at)gmail(dot)com, i have a really nice lab, IPS4240, 3 ASA firewalls, 3 PIX 515E-R Firewalls, 1 pix 501, and lot's of stuff. contact me !
  3. Edgar Díaz Orellana


    Hi everyone. i had 3 ASA firewalls and 1 IPS 4240 plus 3 PIX 515E-R Firewalls. on my lab, also i have 1 sonicwall, 1 fortinet, 1 watchward, 1 junniper. if you need some access, please, don't worry and contact me . greetings.
  4. Edgar Díaz Orellana

    REAL LAB CCSP based on CCIE Security v3 POD

    more pics.
  5. Hi my friends. I'm currently on CCSP Track, i have a lot of equipment on my RACKS for studing and using for my career, anyone likes to have access to real lab? let me know... if you'll share your knowledge, passion, and commitment on your studies, i'll share lots of things. what do you thing about a contribution? i mean, you know internet link it's not free and cheap, and nor the electrical bill. so, are you interested on share something like equipment or money to use a real lab? i'll show you my lab on the attachments. please... let me know if your interested on get access on my lab!