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    My Resume Look :)

    Hello Mehboob, Thanks for posting your resume, it really helps others with ideas for their own resume. I like your layout because it does catch ones eye. One thing you may want to consider is editing the capitalization of some of the words. For example in your opening objective paragraph the words challenging, proffesional, skills, and contributions should not be capitalized. There are a few other instances but you get the idea. Remember that this is the first impression the company will get from you and you want the resume to look professional. You did very well in making a creative resume. I wish you the best in your next job.
  2. bigmoney4me

    A Disastrous Interview

    Keep your head up and stay positive. Make sure you send a thank you letter as soon as possible. Possibly give a very brief statement regarding your nervousness, and explain why you are the right person for the job. Don't give up hope yet! I'm sure you are not the only person interviewed who was nervous. The person who got every technical question correct may not even be the candidate they are looking for. Good luck!
  3. bigmoney4me

    Any Good Ebook Sites?

    Thank you very much! I am really going to enjoy browsing through those sites.
  4. bigmoney4me

    Any Good Ebook Sites?

    Does anyone know of any good ebook sites for not just IT and geek stuff. I am looking for novels, fiction etc;. I usually went to smileybooks but they seem to have been closed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. bigmoney4me

    Is My A+ And Network+ Certs Useless?

    I believe those certs are a very good starting point. You are not going to get a job as a network administrator or the like, but as you said you are new to the IT field and these are going to help you get your foot in the door. A lot of people who are new to the IT field usually start at the bottom of the ladder as a helpdesk technician or desktop support. These jobs will help you progress through the ranks and may give you an idea of which way you want to take your career. Experience is important, so get your feet wet in an entry level job and see where it takes you. Also you can use the A+ and Net+ certs as electives towards the MCSA track if you want to go that route. Good luck in whatever you decide, but remember learned knowledge is NEVER a waste. True some people may consider the entry level certs worthless, but those are just opinions. You have to start somewhere and you are building a good knowledge base that you can build on.
  6. bigmoney4me

    Less Pay Job But Gained More Experience. Accept?

    At your current job do you think you have anywhere to advance? Have you tried taking on more roles or asking to be delegated more tasks? If you really like your current job you may want to make the best of it. A good stable job looks good on a resume rather than jumping from company to company. However you never know what you may be missing out on by not taking a chance. If you go to the new company you will gain very valuable experience which may be worth it in itself. Money is important but it is not everything. Good luck in whatever you choose!
  7. bigmoney4me

    It Manager Interview Tomorrow

    Congratulations on the new job! Can you give an example of some of the technical questions asked of you? InDublin- nice set of questions! I think it is very important to not overlook these "personal" type questions when going in for an interview. I believe you can do very well in the tech questions, but if you cannot give good answers to the personal type questions you will not get the job.
  8. bigmoney4me

    It Salary

    How is the cost of living in Burma? Is the salary comparable with other jobs, and what are other costs of living (housing, food, utilities)?
  9. bigmoney4me

    Topics Before Attending Interview

    I think it is very important to not overlook the traditional interview questions. For example... Tell me about yourself? What do you consider your greatest strength/weakness? What is your greatest accomplishment? etc;.... You don't want to be all tech ready and be at a loss when they ask you to tell them about yourself.
  10. are you getting an IE error message?
  11. I think a lot of companies (a good majority) will still be using windows XP pro over the next 5 years. XP pro is a big improvement over previous OS's and most companies will have outlayed a large amount of cash to upgrade to XP. If there is not a HUGE reason to upgrade to longhorn i think a lot of companies will stick with XP unless a complete upgrade is needed. Linux servers are gaining in popularity mainly because of the price (free). I can see them getting a larger and larger market share in the years to come in the server market.
  12. bigmoney4me

    200 Ways To Revive A Hard Drive

    I will have to try that freezer trick sometime as a last resort!!!
  13. bigmoney4me

    Laptop Cdrw/dvd Problem !

    did you let windows install their drivers when you updated the OS? Did you get latest drivers or use the original drivers that came with burner?