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  1. Dear Please I want helpful material to study the product and understand the technology very well Cisco Security Agent (CSA) Thanks in advance
  2. Dear Please I want helpful material to study the product and understand the technology very well Cisco ACE Web Application Firewall Appliance (WAF) Thanks in advance
  3. Yes , Thank you , i know this I mean if i passed the 1st exam on Jauary 15 , 2011 , then i pass the final exam on Dec 30 , 2013 , them my active certificate will valid for 3 years more from the final exam (till Dec 30, 2016) it's right ?
  4. Dear Guyes If i take and pass for 3 exams for CCNP Security , when i should to take the 4th one ? I mean if i wait 3 years for the last exam to increase certficate validality , there is any problem ? Thanks
  5. Please guyes, I want to complete the below simulation in Router , So please i expect your help for configurtions required in the Router . You have been given the task of performing initial Zone-based policy firewall configurations. You will need to create zones , assign the Zones to specific interfaces , and create zone pairs to allow for traffic flow between interfaces . You will also need to define a zone-based policy firewall and assign the policy to the zone pair . To access the router console ports , refer to the exhibit , Click the router for access , and perform the following tasks . Note that when performing the configuration , you should use the exact names highlighted in bold below : . Globally create zones and label them with the following names . OUTSIDE . INSIDE . Assign interfaces to zones as indicated in the exhibit . Create a zone pair for traffic flowing from the inside to outside zones named IN-TO-OUT . Define a zone-based firewall policy named IN-TO-OUT-POLICY . Use the “match protocol” classification option to statefully inspect HTTP traffic and drop all other traffic . Use a class-map named HTTP_POLICY . Apply zone-based firewall policy IN-TO-OUT-POLICY to the zone pair OUTSIDE Zone: Fa0/0/0 INSIDE Zone: Fa0/0/1
  6. Dir all How i install GNS3 with ASA Image FW to using SDM Interface , Please i want all files/image or components with explain deatilly
  7. Please i want help for this simulation : Use Cisco ASDM to edit the Cisco ASA 5505 configuration to enable Advanced HTTP Application inspection be Completing the following tasks : 1- Enable HTTP inspection globally on the Cisco ASA 2- Create a new HTTP inspect Map named: http-inspect-map to : a.Enable the dropping of any HTTP connections that encounter HTTP protocol votatons b.Enable the dropping and logging of any HTTP connections when the content type in the HTTP response does not match one of the MIME types in the accept field of the HTTP request Please Steps procedure Thanks