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  1. Beauty/Good looking lies right in between your ears.Change ur thinking concept and ul ride high!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Simply type SET in dos prompt and read the logon server and the user domain.I think this should sort you out.
  3. Audit my pc's really gr8.
  4. Congrats Mate!
  5. The problem with this is that there's too much advertisements which guys can flood on ur Cellphone..............
  6. Nice One Dude. Thanks for the share.
  7. Is it a fashion show or what???To me it feels like a coverup on whats actually on the inside.i think its just a waste putting them there as you should have a summary of your qualifications on the CV.
  8. Dont worry this things do happen.We wish you all the best.No doubt ur ready and you will pass.
  9. When u log off then back in it will ask for a username.This has to be a cached password session in XP.I think you can set a script on deleting the session after say 1minute...............
  10. @least i got a job&microsoft certification for longer!!!
  11. Quick Cool Tip Start-----------Run--------Hit ----MSCONFIG---SERVICES----then select hide all microsoft services.----------Try and Check out if its there to uncheck it--------------lastly go to-----------STARTUP------no doubt you gotta find it here with its path. What i usually do is go directly to that path and delete the damn thing its so much fun sorting such issues. Hope this helps
  12. Is the guest account enabled on ur laptop?
  13. Enable the guest account on the comp ur trying to connect has messed me before.
  14. Scheduled Backups,Batch processes to be run,VPN's........................They're so endless
  15. I wonder why ur still getttin stressed out because of IE.Use either Mozilla or Netscape.Cookies are more manageable as u can choose what sites not to accept cookies.