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    What *i* Did To Pass The Ccie Lab

    Hello, folks I wanted to thank all of our members. Especially some members who helped & helping me prepare CCIE R&S lab exam. Finally I passed RS lab exam last Friday. My study style is tortoise. It took so long until I got my CCIE number after failed two attempts. The lab I got was new lab which people don't want to take as their lab exam. I thought I would fail again during my exam,, but when I check my result on cisco.com I was very surprised. It showed me that I've passed. I used some vendor's workbook to study and lab as well as cisco documents. That's all. I would be happy to help others if they ask me. Regards.
  2. Hello, I heard of detailed info about New CCIE SP LAB exam! Is it really true? Does anyone know the info for equip or topology? thinking of preparing SP exam, expecting the info, Thanks~