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  1. Hey Guys, There is this very interesting contest, “Create for Millions”, that I came across. Developers can create apps for Nokia S40 phones in different categories like information, education, entertainment and social networking. For more info go through http://www.developer.nokia.com/create4millions/ This is a very good opportunity for Developers as Nokia's Series 40 phones have experienced more than 35 per cent growth in download volumes in the past two months. Working on S40 is Fun… I m so excited.
  2. Microsoft has released the Windows Phone 7.1 Beta tools including all the hyped “mango” goodness targeting WP 7.0 and the 7.1 beta release. To download Tools for Windows Phone 7.1 Download the Windows Phone Developer Tools (WPDT) 7.1 Beta Phones running the new software, will let users search for restaurants and businesses in their immediate area, perform voice-based Web searches, identify music playing in their surroundings, and switch back and forth between applications. The release will also include a fully HTML 5 compatible web browser.
  3. The N9 has arrived. Functional units of Nokia's long-awaited MeeGo Smartphone have finally landed into our eager hands Check out Develop for the Nokia N9 It’s great news for developers… The Nokia N9 Smartphone, based on MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan, is an exciting addition to the range of Qt-powered phones from Nokia. The new Linux-based platform, called MeeGo, looks fantastic. It's fluid, smooth, and the "swipe" idea looks really interesting.
  4. Guys the last date for the submission of applications is 30th June... So Hurry UP...
  5. Guys, Great news for all the S40 developers… Enter Forum Nokia’s new Series 40 Java and Web Competition, and you could be among three winners of a new Nokia X3-02 and a yet-to-be-announced Nokia device. For details on How to participate and other details Check: Series 40 Java and Web App Competition June 2011 I am so excited... Anyone may submit more than one app. But hurry: The deadline for entries is 30 June.
  6. Hi guys I have created one APP.... Help me win: SMS @tophostings to 9243342000 and you will receive a text back with a list of Top Hosting.. Really Easy to Develop.
  7. Hi All, Posting here after a long time... I found this really interesting so thought of sharing it with you all. This is about a very interesting contest 'txtweb app2fame'. All we need to do is develop simple apps based on SMS which work without the internet. We all have been creating apps but never thought of developing such applications that are accessible by millions as not everyone uses internet on phone. It hardly takes couple of hours to create such applications and txtweb gives us the opportunity to win prizes like a dream holiday, ipad etc... Great opportunity for students and new start ups to become famous. Check the URL below for more information about the contest: http://www.app2fame.com/
  8. I have once attended ADF Methodology conference. One comment I would like to make from having been involved in paper selection, there weren't as many papers from non-Oracle people on ADF or JDeveloper as we would have hoped. I would urge any of you who are using ADF to attend such conference. You can learn about "the big picture of why you chose ADF" or you might want to focus on a topic close to your area of work or just "my experiences with JDeveloper". Its valuable for the community to know of real world experiences, good and bad. So go for it and share your ideas post the conference.