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    ccnp without hands on

    As far as your ccna is concerned you can only work with packet tracer which is an awsome application but for ccnp packet tracer dosent support most of the commands the solution is gns3..again gns3 is not just an application where you install and start working first you need to know how to use gns3 and images... you can use vmware and vmboxs for the ping tests and traceroute.. but i prefer to use vpcs
  2. deepakreddy

    CCNP Prep Time

    as far as jerrmy is concerned with cbt nuggets he missed so many topics after watching jerrmy videos i bought chris bryant ccnp...
  3. deepakreddy

    CCNP Prep Time

    during working days 5hours weekends - i dont even see the sunlight..
  4. can anyone list some of the key concept is server 2008