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    CCNA Passed, bit of advice

    Hi Passed CCNA (986/1000) 2 days ago. My (long) formula for passing was: 1. CCNA(1,2,3,4) courses at a local Cisco Academy (it was my first interaction with Cisco devices and IOS) - I am not that good learning by myself 2. Packet tracer Labs at home after every importand topic studied and at least 1 real lab once a week (at my Cisco Academy) 3. After finishing the courses I read once again all the topics from Cisco Netacad (in about 1 month) 4. Learned Subnetting really good (there are a lot of topics in this forum to help you with that) .. without subnetting you stand no chance 5. Packet tracer Labs and some ACL/NAT/interfaces configuration on a 1800 Router at work I found the exam really simple after all this. VTP, ACL, Rip V2 and EIGRP simulations are a walk in the park if you know what you are doing. All this took 1 year but I have also a full time job so I don't really have much free time. Now I will prepare for LPI1 and LPI2 then maybe CCNA Security Good Luck all
  2. ghalexweb

    LPI 1/2

    Hello I am currently trying to find out more about LPI and Linux learning path. I post here hoping you can help me clarify some topics. I just passed CCNA Exam and my next objective are LPI 1 and 2. I am attending (since June) some Linux courses at a local Academy in my Country but I am not certain the topics learned there will help me pass LPI 1 then 2. Here is a quick selection of the topics I will study in this Academy: Linux environment, Installing Linux, File System, Users, Processes, Compiling, Network interfaces, DHCP server, DNS Bind server, Apache web server, e-mail postfix+dovecot, NTP server, FTP server, compiling linux kernel. My questions are: 1. What should I study except the topics I will study with the Academy? 2. Comptia Linux+ or LPI1 + LPI2? 3. Any books and good resources for this exams? Except this forum 4. For how long are LPI certifications available (3 years like Cisco, more/less)? 5. I am currenly working with some VM in Virtual Box, is this enough for the lab environment? Any other good advice? Thanks
  3. ghalexweb

    Please give me your formula

    Thank you Mezilla Great info
  4. ghalexweb

    Please give me your formula

    I am trying to find a fast way to get the network address from a given IP address. I am now using the following method: Example: /21 1. I convert the 3-rd octet into binary: 01110100; 2. I use the "AND-ing" process (subnet mask and 3-rd octet): 01110|100 11111|000 --------- 01110|000 3. I convert the result back to decimal; 4. The network address is: I am sure there is a better way to do this, please help
  5. ghalexweb

    My career, my rules

    Great initiative. I am interested in all your suggested topics but especially in "Experience vs Money" one. I am currently a little bit confused about my IT Career and I would really like some advice or at least to read more from others experience.
  6. ghalexweb

    Life time ban

    This is the first time I read/hear about a ban from Cisco. Where can I read more about this? What are exacly the terms of this ban? What should I not do?
  7. ghalexweb

    CCNA Frequently Asked Questions

    Hello This is my first post on this forum. First of all, thank you for all the usefull information and tips. I just passed my CCNA 4 Final Exam with 98.0 points and on my Cisco Netacad page the "Request for CCNA Composite Voucher" link appeared in the Career Development section. I need to study before taking my Certification Exam so my question is: how long this link (request for voucher) will be available? I know that after I request it, it will be available for 3 months. Thanks