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  1. Hi Passed CCNA (986/1000) 2 days ago. My (long) formula for passing was: 1. CCNA(1,2,3,4) courses at a local Cisco Academy (it was my first interaction with Cisco devices and IOS) - I am not that good learning by myself 2. Packet tracer Labs at home after every importand topic studied and at least 1 real lab once a week (at my Cisco Academy) 3. After finishing the courses I read once again all the topics from Cisco Netacad (in about 1 month) 4. Learned Subnetting really good (there are a lot of topics in this forum to help you with that) .. without subnetting you stand no chance 5. Packet tracer Labs and some ACL/NAT/interfaces configuration on a 1800 Router at work I found the exam really simple after all this. VTP, ACL, Rip V2 and EIGRP simulations are a walk in the park if you know what you are doing. All this took 1 year but I have also a full time job so I don't really have much free time. Now I will prepare for LPI1 and LPI2 then maybe CCNA Security Good Luck all
  2. Hello I am currently trying to find out more about LPI and Linux learning path. I post here hoping you can help me clarify some topics. I just passed CCNA Exam and my next objective are LPI 1 and 2. I am attending (since June) some Linux courses at a local Academy in my Country but I am not certain the topics learned there will help me pass LPI 1 then 2. Here is a quick selection of the topics I will study in this Academy: Linux environment, Installing Linux, File System, Users, Processes, Compiling, Network interfaces, DHCP server, DNS Bind server, Apache web server, e-mail postfix+dovecot, NTP server, FTP server, compiling linux kernel. My questions are: 1. What should I study except the topics I will study with the Academy? 2. Comptia Linux+ or LPI1 + LPI2? 3. Any books and good resources for this exams? Except this forum 4. For how long are LPI certifications available (3 years like Cisco, more/less)? 5. I am currenly working with some VM in Virtual Box, is this enough for the lab environment? Any other good advice? Thanks
  3. Thank you Mezilla Great info
  4. I am trying to find a fast way to get the network address from a given IP address. I am now using the following method: Example: /21 1. I convert the 3-rd octet into binary: 01110100; 2. I use the "AND-ing" process (subnet mask and 3-rd octet): 01110|100 11111|000 --------- 01110|000 3. I convert the result back to decimal; 4. The network address is: I am sure there is a better way to do this, please help
  5. Great initiative. I am interested in all your suggested topics but especially in "Experience vs Money" one. I am currently a little bit confused about my IT Career and I would really like some advice or at least to read more from others experience.
  6. This is the first time I read/hear about a ban from Cisco. Where can I read more about this? What are exacly the terms of this ban? What should I not do?
  7. Hello This is my first post on this forum. First of all, thank you for all the usefull information and tips. I just passed my CCNA 4 Final Exam with 98.0 points and on my Cisco Netacad page the "Request for CCNA Composite Voucher" link appeared in the Career Development section. I need to study before taking my Certification Exam so my question is: how long this link (request for voucher) will be available? I know that after I request it, it will be available for 3 months. Thanks