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    Free Give-Away Cloud-Learning Material from M$

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    Mirroring 2 PowerEdge R710 Rack Servers

    Thanks i will look into it, and apologize for the Attachment;
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    windows 2008 server clone

    nice info,
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    Passed 70-659 MS Virtualization

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    Passed 70-659 MS Virtualization

  6. Hi All, I am new to VM so please have patience with me, my question is that we have 2 identical Dell PowerEdge R710 servers at work, first 1 is running VMware vsphere 5 that boots from in built flash SD card, we setup first new baremetal servers and then setup our Netapp data storage with it, and install our print, DHCP and different application servers on it. Its all working fine,now we bought another same exact spec server and install VMware vsphere 5 on it, it does have around 5.41Tb of RAID 6 storage, and now we want to set it up so it will be the exact replica of the first VMware server, Idea is to get rid of our 3 or 4 current servers and put new VM's on our new Dell servers in which we can hold multiple VMs and place 1 at each site. Then setup the VMs to be replicated between each site for disaster recovery purposes. Is it possible? Will VMware site recovery manager 5, Veeman or Vreplicator will do the job? Do i need to setup cloning or take snapshots and then move them to the 2nd server? Apologize there is not much info here, but i can provide more details if you guys need. Please check the attachment Thanks in advance. :biggrin:
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    VCP 510

    Congrats mate what study material did you use, can you please share your study and exam experience with us if you don't mind? Thanks