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  1. itdude80

    Any open source software instead of Visio

    thanks it works alrite and moreover its open source. anyway u can tell me how to convert it to a pdf file with a single page. i tried converting the dia file into pdf but the single image was printed over 3 pages in the pdf file
  2. itdude80

    Any open source software instead of Visio

    thank you let me try it
  3. Hi i am looking for an opensource tool that would do the job similar to M$ visio. thanks
  4. If a company employs MCSE/MCSA/MCP certified candidates, will M$ offer any discounts on products they sell to the company.
  5. itdude80

    Monitor incoming VPN traffic

    Thanks ,any specific firewall analyser u use geeks
  6. itdude80

    50 VPN interview questions

    i would be glad if someone posted the latest updated topics of vpn question and answers so to refresh our knowledge
  7. Hi U need to configure acl, or open vnc, rdp ports to allow users from internet to connect to your lan. from what i can see, u have internal lan having public ip as well. so it is easy for you to use any remote vnc program to login to ur internal n/w. also for additional security pls dont publish full ip address in forums and just represent the last ip block as xxx. cheers
  8. Hello Geeks, I am looking for a tool that would tell me the exact bandwidth consumed by my remote vpn clients on my ASA. I have used solar winds and Manage engine and they show the bandwidth consumed on an interface basis. I would like to get a detailed bandwidth report consumed per vpn session. Is that possible and if so do i need any additional config to be done on the ASA to view it use tools. Thanks
  9. itdude80

    Viewing Sadikhov on mobile devices

    Great add moderator. thanks just checking and its working. Many thanks
  10. Hi folks its my 1st post. I am looking for a Cisco L3 switch for sale. If anyone interested in selling me one contact me. Cheers