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  1. You can use Ghost solution suite and install client remotely from console and boot accordingly HTH,
  2. aiko

    How Can I Denied Internet Access To People

    If these users are restricted users, that is unable to download and install programs, then I would simply restrict access to mshtml.dll (needed for internet explorer). Since the machines and not the users themselves will not be able to access the internet. This is easy enough to script the ACLs, without the headache of software restrictions via GPO. HTH
  3. aiko

    Network Admins

    That is classic.....and you forgot to mention that they hang out with the system administrators>>>LMAO
  4. To promote a Windows 2003 server as a domain controller, I had to run Adprep on the Active Directory, which I believe updated it to the Windows 2003 structure. And then I did DCPromo to make the WIndows 2003 server a domain controller. Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought Windows 2003 did away with Primary/Secondary domain controllers and only had Domain Controllers and Member Servers (or something like that). I can't recall at any point selecting it to be a primary or secondary DC during this process. Now if I am wrong, how do I go about determining which is the primary and which is secondary? Yes you are right there is no more PDC/BDC. Now it is a matter of which box holds the FSMO roles. I am not clear on why you cannot login into the domain if one DC is down (win2k?). This probably means that the win2k3 is not functioning properly as a DC. Any event id errors? Try to run netdiag and dcdiag and see what errors you get HTH
  5. As opposed to them playing music after hours? I would put software restrictions on the stations or to simplify disable the sound card! The latter may seem too dictatorship-like, so I would go for the first suggestion. If the sounds cards are required for your users for other work-related functions I would put file ext. restrictions on programs to block .mp3, .wav, etc HTH
  6. aiko

    Improve Your English

    If grammatical writing is the problem and you have a comprehension of English, simple steps as reading newpapers can be a good start. (and I do not mean those crappy papers like the NY Post, I am talking about Chicago Tribune or New York Times) HTH
  7. I assume that you are able to use the Runas command, therefore you should be able to do almost all administration on the machine as the helpassistant user. Unlike Remote Desktop, Remote Assistance is not for productivity but rather to isolate and troubleshoot a specific user problem. Of course there are scripts to do that but do you want to add uneccessary accounts to the administrators group? HTH
  8. Try pstools from sysinternals and script psshutdown for your remote stations This is what i use to control my machines for shutdowns/restarts HTH
  9. aiko

    Connecting Two Wireless Routers Together ...

    Wendy is absolutely correct! I would like to know how this worked out for you and if u needed to add router B within the DHCP scope of router A. I do not believe so since they are on the same subnet and you are directly connecting them together. I would assume it will work the same as uplinking switch/routers? I should try this also since i do have a spare router lying around. TIA
  10. You should make sure that the bios is not configured to boot from removable devices....... Obviously it cannot be the hardware issue if you boot and then plug the USB drive in. If not try to boot in safe mode with the drive plugged in. HTH
  11. Hello All, I seem to have made a disaster of one my servers by updating the service pack. it seems after this "much needed" update i cannot boot into the server anymore. Although I have a backup and it is not running any critical services. I was wondering if anyone else has had any issues with this? TIA
  12. I highly recommend the MS Press Scripting Guide. it has loads of techniques and samples of scripts that are made specifically for administrative tasks. I use this book as my number one source. I am sure you can find other examples at Technet but try searching and asking in h**p://www.devx.com. There are many more programming "experts" there. HTH
  13. I concur..... Except that I do not believe necron-99 is ridiculing or laughing at anyone. I do believe that his/her constructive criticism has some shortcomings but it appears to me that he is speaking from a Eurocentric point of view. As far as making mistakes in a native or foreign language....doesnt everyone? Are you so grammatically endowed that you feel errors in grammar and pronunciation are related to suboptimal performance. This is not the MLA or Lexis Nexis! Unless you are an English Scholar I doubt that you should be in a position to determine what is fit to be written or spelled. Basically, this is not the place to be giving English lessons unless someone is asking. IMHO
  14. aiko

    Xp Crashed

    Hello Briano, Try using your XP cd and enter recovery console. At prompt type; fixboot look for switches in the following doc; h**p://www.microsoft.com/resources/documentation/windows/xp/all/proddocs/en-us/bootcons_fixboot.mspx HTH
  15. aiko

    Which Is The Best Laptop ?

    I would have to go with IBM first then Dell (solely for support purposes and popularity) but IBM all the WAY!!!!....a little on the expensive side though.