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  1. Vorlon

    I´m back

    Hi friends. A lot of time without visit this forum. Now i´m back and will try help again. First step: Change my avatar, now i´m not a Moderator
  2. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. FS


      haha, congratulations, spain :)

  3. Vorlon

    ~passed~ 70-453

    Passed !!!! No sims
  4. DNS in clients must be the domain controller
  5. Vorlon

    2 MCP IDs Problem

    I had the same problem 5 years ago. Phone to Microsoft and in 2 weeks you have one MCP id only, the new or the old, you can choose
  6. Hi friends, I have a problem with OWA 2007. In Owa Option - Junk eMail. I need that by defaul the Automatically filter junk e-mail was enable. Now when I create a mailbox for a user, the user must enable this option. Can you help me. Thanks in advanced
  7. Vorlon

    thunderbird to PST

    No, IMAPSize convert mbox to .eml. Then you must import to outlook express an ceate the .pst and then import again in Outlook 2007. Too much work....
  8. Do you know some free tool to convert email from mozilla thunderbird to pst?? Thanks in advanced
  9. Don´t work More ideas?
  10. Thanks, i did it but don´t work in Exchange 2003
  11. Hi friend. I have a problem with form and owa. Exchange 2003 in the server. Outlook 2003 in the client When I sent to my users a outlook form (.oft) work right in Outlook 2003, but some users have not outlook and use only OWA. This is the problem. In this users the mail is blank. I need that the users with only OWA use the form Must i enable some in the server or what??? Some idea?? Thanks in advaced
  12. Vorlon is big friend!!!

  13. Vorlon

    Is Taskman.exe is a virus.

    Check this link http://www.processlibrary.com/en/directory/files/taskman
  14. Vorlon

    Can't login to 2003 server domain through xp client

    I understand that you want that users (no admins) login in a dc using remote desktop Users can´t login in a domain controller by default, only administrators http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc785165(WS.10).aspx