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  1. Hi , I want to backup computer accounts & user accounts from Nt Server in text format. Is there any command that I need to execute please do update. For Your reference I am posting one file that has been extracted in text format.Please have a look. User accounts for \\ARDC01 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Abhijit abhijitp abhrajit The command completed successfully.
  2. We have couple of windows server running like win 2k & 2k3 .How to check there license if it is genuine or not ?
  3. visu12

    System Performance to be increase

    Any other suggestion / recommendation will be highly welcome.
  4. visu12

    System Performance to be increase

    We have win 2003 R2 64bit SP1 server where we have Lotus Notes Server Installed. C drive space is 10 gb free space is 3 gb Memory is 4gb. Virtual Memory is set as 2096 for C drive Standalone mcafee installed & updated. we are getting alert that our mail Cpu & memory utilization is high & its critical crosses threshold limit every now & then. Now we tried all the thing but could not increase the cpu & memory performace. Any suggestion is welcome. pm.zip
  5. visu12

    NT user Manager

    Sorry, the above link do not answer my queries.
  6. visu12

    NT user Manager

    My question was how to take backup of nt user manager without creating any bdc . My goal is to backup those user manager & restore it on same server whenever disastor happen.
  7. visu12

    NT user Manager

    I cannot reinstall /install any nt server .I just had to backup user's from my running nt server.
  8. visu12

    NT user Manager

    Hi all, I'm having a problem here, I need to copy all the user IDs from one NT Server box to another one. They are standalone servers. I cannot reinstall the one server as it has all the IDs on it. There are hundreds of IDs on the box and of course the people maintaining it don't have a list of all the IDs and passwords. I need a way to either do a straight copy or a backup and restore of all the user IDs from one box to the other. They are both Windows NT Server 4 with SP6a and all fixes. They are standard users through the User Manager for Domains.