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  1. adkhalid

    Auto Failover

    Dear All, how r you, I am using 5 mbps link on fiber optic but for backup purpose i request to my ISP to provide Radio link. My ISP gave me /29 IP pool and as per my company policy we need backup link on same subnet (IP Pool). My question is how can i configure auto failover on my premises ? which type of device will be helpful for this? your fast action will be highly appreciated. Regards, Taurian
  2. adkhalid

    rate-limit problem

    I am using this below command rate-limit input 5000000 128000 128000 transmit action confirm exceeded drop
  3. adkhalid

    rate-limit problem

    Dear Chrcel, I have configured rate limit to restrict 5 Mbps connection to PIX firewall. Regards,
  4. adkhalid

    rate-limit problem

    Dear All, How are you, I need help regarding Rate limit. I have Cisco router 7206vxr and i putted rate limit on it but when i connect this router to my Old Pix Firewall (Model 525) Ping breaks and there is no connectivity. After removing Rate-limit its works smoothly. I am bit confuse Kindly help me. Regards, Taurian
  5. adkhalid

    BelAir Certification

    hi, i want to reset Belair100 switch. how is it possible? Regards,
  6. adkhalid

    Belair Switch Reset and Key

    Hi All, can some body tell me how we reset belair wireless switches... Is there any need of Key for reset ? Thanks,
  7. adkhalid

    DNS problem...

    what should i configure on this machines for name server...??? sorry i am new for windows server environment....
  8. adkhalid

    DNS problem...

    Thanks for your quick reply... You mean i have to configure this child domains on different machines... Or is it exist logically ??
  9. Hi All, i want to know what is ns1.abc.com or ns2.abc.com in DNS... Is this a machine name... ? plz give me some information about this..... Thanks... AD
  10. Har ker Jeetne wale ko Bazigar kehtay hain....kia kehte hain .....;)

  11. adkhalid

    Traffic Grapher

    Hi Admin, Thanks for your reply... I have PRTG trafiice grapher 6.2 Licensed version.... I want to monitor my devices thorugh switch (Cisco Layer 3 Switch).... Which infrastructure i should use.. pls help me in this regards,,, Thanks,
  12. Hi All, I want to know about PRTG 6.0 Traffic Grapher. Is it good for graphing.... I am working in a company and they are plaining to start mini ISP.... we want to provide graph to clients for traffic monitoring.... I have PRTG 6.0 Licensed Version.... pls help mee Thanks,
  13. adkhalid

    Intervlan Routing

    hi, can u plz more about VRFs Thanks, AD
  14. adkhalid

    Intervlan Routing

    Hi All, I want to stop Intervlan routing on layer 3 switch without need of ACL, VACL and Private VLAN. If i disable iprouting command then i am not able to communicate with my router through trunk. Plz help me.... Regards, AD