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  1. My company currently uses a hosted Microsoft Exchange solution through a company called Sherweb which we recently migrated over to from Intermedia. All users are fine with the exception of the CEO (just my luck). He is constantly complaining that calendar entries are randomly duplicating. The problem in find were the issue lies is that he has so many devices that are syncing (2 Apple MacBook Pros, 1 Apple MacBook Air, 2 Apple iPhones, 1 Apple iPad and 1 PC). For whatever reason he feels the need to have all these devices and the minimum amount of devices that I can possible talk him down to is 3. I am at the point where I feel like deleting his mailbox and user account and recreating it and manually entering all calendar entries again. Any thought would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Ash90, thank you for the clarification once again. You are awesome!
  3. I'm looking to purchase some new equipment for our office in an effort to enhance network performance. I need to decide whether to purchase Layer 2 or Layer 3 switches. I know how to create VLANs but my questions is on a Layer 2 Switch do I need to have a separate configuration on each VLAN in order to have the data from each VLAN point to a Default Gateway (Router) to send traffic out to the Internet? I'm looking to segment a single VLAN to seperate out Data, VOIP and a Wireless Guest Network for my business. Thank you for any assistance regarding this matter.
  4. Well I don't actually think it a port issue. I can plug directly into any of the ports and get an address via DHCP so I'm pretty convinced that it's a cabling issue from the Patch Panel to the Network Drops on the floor. They have had cabling issues before but it is actually becoming more of an issue as I have phone dropping off the network because there loosing the ability to get power via Power Over Ethernet. I actually am in the process of sourcing a cabling company to replace all the cabling today. Also the network config is pretty straight forward. One single Default VLAN 1 4 switches trunked together. Thank you for the advice though.
  5. That is always a good idea. Unfortunately from what I can tell this network does not have any extravagant network features. It is basically a router with 4 switched trunked together and everything resides on the same VLAN. I'm a little hazy but is there even a command on the Cisco Switches to point to the server responsible for managing all DHCP Addresses. If memory serves me correctly I thought that was only a feature that can be programmed on a router?
  6. I will check with Switch later this morning to verify if Layer 2 status is Up. Just looking at the LED Status for the Port it as Solid Green so I am assuming so. Why would I use the CDP Neighbors command? Is it just to verify that I have connectivity to the other switches and router in the infrastructure? Also this equipment already existed on the network prior to my arrival yesterday. But it seems that everything is in total chaos.
  7. Well I tried populating the DHCP Server IP Address manually and it didn't take. I try to renew the DHCP Lease and I get a Private IP Address. This network is in shambles and I may have to redesign everything from the ground up. It is just odd since I can plug other clients into the same switch and they will automatically discover the DHCP Server and acquire an IP Address Lease with no issues.
  8. I just started a new position today and I have been beat over the head for the entire day with this problem. They have all desktops connecting to a Cisco Catalyst 3350 Switch. All other desktops connect and are able to obtain an IP Address via DHCP but on my network connection I get a link light but no DHCP IP Address. So I have no IP Telephone and No Network Access? Any ideas?
  9. So I was asked a question during an interview which apparently not many people now how to do considering the candidate turnover regarding this particular decision. The question is how do you update (drivers, patches, etc) for servers to multiple servers (800) to be exact via the command line? I know that you can use various WUinstall for updated on a single machine at once but I'm lost to the answer. Does anyone know?
  10. Yes, I too know how to Google the commands. I was looking for a more layman's term definition.
  11. What is the difference between the Disk Partition command for Clean & Format? It appears that "Clean" removes all information for all sectors of the disk including Master Boot Record information and "Format" can do the same with more options available to specify certain attributes. Am I correct at this explanation? If not can someone please clarify for me? Thank you.
  12. So I just finished a working creation of a Fedora 15 Desktop Edition Virtual Machine so it appears that my ISO for whatever reason is the issue. Does anyone have a working ISO of Microsoft Windows XP Professional that I can download? Obviously I have my own license. It would be of great help to me and my Cisco Certification Studies. Thank you.
  13. Yes, the "Connect at Power On" has been selected for the CD-ROM Drive for this Virtual Machine. I have tried editing the Virtual Machine's BIOS and the settings are correct to show the Virtual Machine CD-ROM Drive to be utilized first upon booting. The Virtual Machine Easy Installer shows that it cannot detect which operating system is on the ISO, however the next screen allow me to select Windows XP Professional accordingly. Could this seriously be my issue? My ISO is able to load through Magic ISO and I can run an the setup.exe with no issues. I am currently downloading an ISO of Linux Fedora to see if this also gives me an issue with creating a Virtual Machine. I will post on my outcome shortly.
  14. So I am still having issues with adding a Virtual Machine. Any advice at this point would be welcomed.
  15. Well everyone as the title states I am looking for recommendations on reading material (preferably E-books on Kindle) that would be of help in studying for my Microsoft Window 7 Certification Exam. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, thank you.