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  1. asoft

    Juniper Labsim

    Any other labsims for Juniper network simulation apart from the following: https://gns3.com/discussions/juniper-on-gns3 http://routersimulator.certexams.com/juniper-sim/index.html http://networksims.com/index_juniper.html http://www.gambitcomm.com/site/vlab-junos.php What is the latest version of JUNOS being used in Juniper routers and switches? thanks.
  2. Check out A+ Practical Application 220-802 android version of the app here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.anandsoft.apluspract&hl=en Full version is available here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.anandsoft.apluspractfull&hl=en The free version has 60 questions and good for last minute confidence building.
  3. Check out CCDA Practice exam. It is also available on smart phones, in both free and full versions. Check this out for free CCDA mobile version: The software works with tablets also.
  4. Anybody tried Certexams.com ITIL practice tests? They have 250 questions with answers. You can check for updates from the test engine itself.
  5. Hello, Find free A+ Essentials and A+ Practical practice exams for use with Android mobiles: A+ Essentials: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.anandsoft.aplusess A+ Practical Application: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.anandsoft.apluspract The practice test is free to download and use. The test has 60 questions each and written for 220-801, and 220-802. Good luck! You may also checkout the complete list of Comptia practice exams here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Anand+Software+and+Training&hl=en Additional exams consist of Network+, Security+, and Sever+ mobile (android) tests.
  6. asoft

    I passed JNCIA-Junos (JN0-101)

    Check out Juniper JNCIA exam sim, it has 250+ most relevant questions with flash card answers.
  7. asoft

    How to practice Juniper command line

    Hello, The post is old and you may not be needing the sim anymore. However, this may be useful for any future visitors. Juniper Junos Lab Sim with several Juniper labs for hands-on practice for candidates who are new to Juniper.
  8. asoft

    I want to write CCNA

    For those new to networking, it is better to start with CCENT. If you have some experience in networking using routers and switches, then yuo may prepare for CCNA directly. CCNA has become very tough over a period of time, and it is not suggested to appear for CCNA directly unless one has sufficient experience in practical networking. You may try some practice tests from various vendors (some are free) such as CertExams.com, ProProfs, Boson, Transcenter, etc. Lot of info on CCNA is given in certforumz.com. Hope this helps.
  9. The post is some what old. However, the following info may be useful for any candidates aspiring to take PMP exam. PMP exam practice tests are available from Transcender, Boson, MeasureUp, and others. Please visit the following page for comparing pricing and number of questions, and other details with respect to PMP and other certs. http://www.practicetests.info/pmi/pmp-practice-test.htm Usually, the demo tests are free, and one can try the test before buying the same.
  10. asoft

    suggestions on study material for ccna 200-120

    Nice info...are there any books that you recommend on CCNA 200-120 apart from Cisco Press? Also, the practice exams for the latest exam objectives. I know a few sites who are offering 200-120, like Boson, and SimulationExams. Is Transcender offering 200-120 yet? Are there any RIPng questions on the latest exam? Can you expect any simulation questions on ipv6? thanks.
  11. asoft

    Comptia A+

    Hi, For A+ preparation, you can start with a good study guide such as Michael Mayers or A+ Complete from Sybex. However, for practice exams, it is suggested to prepare from a dedi vendor exam prep tests like Transcender or CertExams.com If you are preparing for 801/802 (which is strongly recommended copared to 701/702), expect lot of questions from mobile devices and notebook computers. A few performance based questions (where u may have to type the command) may also be expected. All in all, latest objectves are an indication as to where a+ cert is heading. Good luck!
  12. asoft

    practical CCNA?

    Are you taking labs that come with the Exploration? The classes along with hands-on labs should be sufficient to prepare you for the cert exam. However, you also consider taking prep tests offered by Boson, CertExams, or Transcender..The labs are very practical, but lack a little bit on LAN side, which is encountered frequently in small business environment. In a small business networking envirnment, one frequently come across WAP devices, Server configurations (DHCP, DNS, Web Server, etc.) mostly using GUI configurations. Good luck!
  13. asoft

    New CCNP curriculum v6 - ROUTE, SWITCH + TSHOOT

    Have you tried the following: 1. CBP Nuggets http://cbtnuggets.com/ 2. Certexams.com CCNP Switch Practice tests
  14. asoft

    Subnetting IPV4 - help with one question

    Subnet questions are a bit tricky. You need to identify both the start and end ip address for every subnet and there should not be any overlap. Check out subnetting section (pages 6. 7. and 8) of this cram sheets: http://www.simulatio...-CheatSheet.pdf
  15. asoft

    question on ccna

    The actual exam uses simulator labs. So, it is desirable to use simulator labs though real equipment is useful for CCNP level certs. Also check out CertExams.com Network Simulator for CCNA in addition to Boson and packet tracer. Yes, there are labs for both icnd1 and icnd2 If you are new to certification and don't have much experience with routers/switches, 2 exam track is suitable. If you are already working in network area, one exam track is suitable. All the tests for CCNA, CCNP, and several others are on computer. Only a few like CCIE practical, you need to perform live labs in presence of supervisors.. They are reputed vendor. However, make sure that you study Cisco Press books in addition to any other. Preparation from multiple sources is always better. Hope this helps.