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  1. Hello I have been using Testout for my A+ and Network +, and I can tell, that I am very happy with them, a lot of to learn, plus exam, tests, labs, it is perfect now I am thinking to get Microsoft MCTS Windows 7 and MCITP Windows 7 Client, Testou out is great but very expensive, I am looking for something chepar, and also really good? d u guys have ny experience, any recommendation? I got 2 days go above classes/courses from Ucert, and I am disappointed !, they have some errors, they do not explain everything, I am just not happy with them, how about you guys? regards tomt
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    thank you, *** Moderated *** when u go to Microsoft Tab, that looks very confusing, I really don't know witch way to go (networking/administration) MCSA , MCTS, so many options tom
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    Hello I have CompTIA A+ and Network + I was thinking to get Microsoft MCSA, so, it requires Microsoft Server 2003 (one of the exams) but I am wondering, there is a Microsoft Windows 2008 , Exchange 2010 and you can't take exams for Microsoft 2008, exchange 2010 for MCSA, so I would like to ask people here, doesn't it make a sense to take all the exams for MCSA using Microsoft 2003 server, because we have never version like 2008 2010. I am just worrying that I will get MCSA, and it will be outdated, nobody will be interested with my MCSA because of MS Server 2003, or I can get MCSA, and tak extra exams for 2010? just need your advice guys Best Regards TomT