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  1. Cyber Law Career

    Hey there, I want to pursue a Career in Cyber Law Enforcement.... I am currently pursuing BCA and found that i am not eligible for Master Degree in Cyber Laws. But there are many Professional Certifications/Diplomas would they beat Master Degree if i get many Advanced Diplomas in Cyber Laws?
  2. How to study?

    What about my another Book?Bipin C Desai? I bought it for 416Rs. It is not worth it?Should i return DBMS by Bipin C Desai??
  3. How to study?

    Hey there,i am pursuing Computer Science Subject and there is a subject called:Database Management Systems,now i have lots of Pdf's and one Book(Very Heavy in Weight). My question is that how do i study this subject,i mean which book should i follow?As i have too many books per Subject?? Also which book do you people suggest as a beginner for Database:C.J.Date or Bipin C. Desai? In which way should i learn my Computer Science subjects,i have really too many books per subject,please suggest an Efficient way,should i follow one or how??
  4. Exam 70-640 Questions

    Thnks All for helping me out
  5. Exam 70-640 Questions

    """"Records R2 is x64"""" @Lethe,what do you meant by this statement?
  6. What to do of Pdf's?

    Tablet? they are Damn Expensive mate!
  7. What to do of Pdf's?

    I want to learn something from them,any other solution? Because in India,printing is not that much Cheap. And also reading on Lcd's??? Not possible,i am a College student,need to take them in Bag as Books.Please any other solution? I want to read them in a Convenient way like suppose i want to read them on my way wherever i Go.
  8. Exam 70-640 Questions

    But what about Releases? Microsoft Official site shows R2 in Certifications?
  9. What to do of Pdf's?

    Hey there,I have tons of Pdf's in my Pc,now if i want to view them,would i have to Donate my Eyes to Pc for viewing them?I mean i would become Blind if i will continuously read those Pdf's on my Computer. What's the best solution to read them? Printing/Hard Copy is so much costlier and Any pdf viewer(such as cell phone) can't help me because if i want to cut some lines while learning then how would i do so? Please help me.
  10. Exam 70-640 Questions

    But According to Microsoft,they say on their site that R2 is to be used. And it doesn't matters if we install 32bit or 64 Bit?
  11. Exam 70-640 Questions

    Please tell me which Edition of Windows Server 2008 is Required to be Installed for Practicing? it's R2,SP1 or Simple Windows server 2008? And whether it's 32 Bit or 64 bit?
  12. Hey people,i am really a noob to Database And Oracle,i have a subject called DBMS in my BCA syllabus and i am very keen to know what it is?? And i really want to take Oracle Exam,please suggest me some good Database Books and as this subject is Database-I am really excited to know all about it. I want to become Oracle Certified,i am a 0 at it,please suggest me should i go for Oracle Training,or do self study?Should i select 11g or 10g for Exam? Are Databases easy and is it easy to take Oracle 11g Exam without Training(Self Study) Please tell me about Oracle,please help a newbie.
  13. 6421A AND 6424A

    Thanks dude,it would be great if you could please mention the Extra study Materials. I have Another thread too,if you could help me?Other Certifications Section.
  14. 6421A AND 6424A

    No,the Exact codes:6421A and 6424A are not there on the MS site,the code is changed to 6421B!And about the 6424A,there is no clue about the Course anywhere on the site! Can you please suggest me some extra Course Material regarding the course?
  15. 6421A AND 6424A

    Tried to click a link? Dude,i opened the link! You told that the codes i am asking about are on Microsoft site,i already told you they are not on Microsoft site,you can yourself check!Sounds you haven't checked for the exam codes i asked?? And what was meant by this statement:""If you are trying to locate the material associated with the course codes you asked for, well then give it up it is copyrighted material"" Means the study material i received is not good for Studying?If not,please tell me which materials should i Try?