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  1. InDublin

    tracing user activity

    You must enable auditing on the server, and also for the folder that you want to track the usage of. Step 1. On the server run GPEdit.msc and browse to Computer Configuration - Windows Settings - Security Settings - Local Policies - Audit Policy In the Audit policy is a list of events that you can Audit (track) as they happen ono your server. Object access related to files and folders, so you need to enable Auditing of Object Access There are two options, Success and Failure. You can enable either, or both. In your case enable at least Success, in not both! Now your server is capable of auditing file and folder access.. Next, as mentioned above you must go to the folder that you want to track, go to it's properties, and click on the security tab. then click the advanced button, and you will be presented with more tabs. the Auditing Tab is what you're looking for. You can add who you want to audit, or add the everyone group to record all activity. When you add the group you can select from a long list what to track. From file creation to deletion, ro reading files etc. If you check the box for success, you'll know who successfully did the task you are tracking.. eg. click success and failure for delete... This will record all successful and failed deletion attempts from the folder. Next to view the results, look in the security log in Event Viewer.. the logs take getting used to, but the information you're looking for will be there.. Practice makes perfect!! Enjoy!
  2. Mark's suggestion is the simplest way. But I wonder what kind of administrator doesn't know how to create a DNS entry. In DNS create a DNS entry with the name of the domain you want to block, then since your DNS server thinks it handles that domain's requests, it will not forward requests outside for that domain. eg. facebook.com That will block a domain for all users on your network, if you want to do this for individuals, you cen edit the hosts file on their individual machines
  3. You are not getting alot of answers because this is a very complex setup. In theory it's possible, and has been done many times. You will need alot of expertise, and you'll need to consider alot of services, rights, permissions, security issues, aside from the practical steps. If you are an expert read up on it, if not, talk to a consultant.. that's an honest answer!
  4. InDublin

    Micrsoft exchange server 2003

    It's almost impossible to go wrong with the Install wizard, or so I thought. Good job James ) Do as James suggested and you'll have no probs.. just a few checks below... You must be a member of the Schema Admins group to run Forestprep, forestprep extends the Active Directory Schems to support new Exchange objects and attributes. This needs only be run once, and preferrably on the Server configured as the Schema Master. (First domain controller setup in the forest, by default). You must be a Domain Administrator to Run Domainprep, this must be run once in each domain in the forest that is to have exchange servers, or exchange recipiants..
  5. InDublin

    Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC)

    Hello all (long time) )) MOC Materials are designed to be used in a classroom setting, with a qualified MCT instructor guiding you through the topics. They are designed to work alongside specific MOC Virtual Machines, that are not available for sale or use publically. "Microsoft Official Curriculum" sounds good, but they are not good for self study, and were never intended to be.. For self study (whixh is what you're interested in) there are lots of 3rd Party books, and MS Press self study guides. These books usually target the exams. Wheras Microsoft will reccomend that you've attended an official course, which is great if you have the time and money, but Microsoft courses are not designed to target exams specifically.
  6. They are one of many study aids... different people have more success than others with each learning method. It's nice to sit back and run a video clip sometimes and to have things explained and demonstrated in that way, though nothing beats actual experience. Depending on how you like to learn and what other training materials you use with this method, you'll have varying degrees of success. You may not have all of your questions answered by watching a video clip. But if attending a course or spending time with a experienced professional are not options for you, you can play these videos over and over until some knowledge is absorbed... but it's best used to compliment practicing and other study methods... Practice makes perfect!
  7. InDublin

    Outlook Mobile Access

    If things are setup and the server is accessible with a public ip address, you just connect to http://server/oma from a browser on the mobile device. It must be enabled in Exchange and if your device is not a supported device, you'll have to enable access for unsupported devices... Activesync and other features are only available for supported devices.. So if you don't have one, it looks pretty unimpressive... and of course is improved in 2007, but available in 2000+
  8. you mailbox is full, i can't send you message :( anyway my email is wlayco@gmail.com ... greetings and thank you very much!

  9. InDublin

    70-292 Question

    I'm not sure I agree with the suggestions here... a bit more detail in the explanations would be appreciated! From M$ web site: h**p://support.microsoft.com/kb/888791 "Shutdown the system: You must have this user right to shut down the computer. Some software updates require that the computer be restarted. If this user right is not available, the software update installation will complete, and the user will have to contact an administrator with that user right to restart the computer, if it is required". If users don't have this right the system will not shutdown without administrator help... In the questions above the machines are certainly capable of shutting down , suggesting that they already have this right.... The problem is they are being prompted without an option to delay the restart. Policies are the only way I know to offer delaying restart options... There are several good GPO options that would help here, but their not answers available to choose... So the closest thing I can see is "Disable the Remove access to use all Windows Update features GPO setting". Though this will not be a full solution to the problem, it allows the users turn off updates, or set how updating happens, eg. "Download updates for me, but let me choose when to install them". Not that that solves the problem... But if they have the rights to change the settings, that is the best available option I can see here... It's a matter of choosing the best of a bad lot of answers... I know this question has been discussed here more than once, you should check what the members involved decided on as the answer, and why!
  10. need 70-236 dumps

    plz send it to



  11. Active Directory: What is the default Domain Functional Level? 2000 Mixed What are the alternative Domain Functional levels and implications of changing your settings? 2000 Native, 2003, 2003 Interim level. you get extra functionality when you raise your domain (or forest) functional levels, but you loose the ability to replicate with Domain Controllers of earlier operating systems. Who can install Active Directory? New Forest (local administrators) New domain (Enterprise Admins) Replica Domain Controller (Domain Admins) What is loopback policy mode? What is a WMI filter? Exchange: What's the differences in different versions? How do you share a mailbox? or other folder? What's the difference between Send As and Send on Behalf of? How many Databases can you create? (depends on version eg. Enterprise) If a user is deleted how can you get their email back? How to install the Exchange and Active directory tools on an Administrator's workstation? What is up if there is no option for creating mail boxes when you open Active Directory Users and Computers... Some questions, some answers... some to research for you.... Some of the above questions by other members are great !
  12. RDP is what 2003 Terminal services uses... It's restricted in XP, but we can make a few monor changes to allow an extra connection, but we can't modify it beyond that for now!
  13. RDP with remote desktop was introduced with Windows XP. Since then it is also included in Server 2003. With Server 2003, there's extra functionality that allows up to two RDP connections to a server for the purpose of remote administration. If we replace some of the XP components and settings with those from 2003, then we can have the same functionality there.
  14. I think the suggestion was that you can't. Terminal Services is something you can only install on a server, though RDP is a cut down version of that that is available with Windows XP. In spite of the fact that you can't do that by default.... it is possible, I've tried this for fun.... See: h**p://www.golod.com/2005/10/enabling-multiple-remote-desktop-sessions-in-windows-xp-professional-and-media-center-edition-2005/ Or just google it, it's easy information to find! "enable concurrent remote desktop connections to XP" When you enable it it allows 2 connections, which means two remote connections, or one remote and one local connection... This should suit your requirements mentioned above!!! Good Luck!
  15. InDublin

    No Access

    The first obvious test would be to try to connect using the ip address: So, PING as suggested and also run the following.. \\<ip address> If that works you have a name resolution problem... If you have Service pack 2 installed on the XP machines you will have the firewall enabled by default, and though many people disable this to allow different types of connections, I wouldn't reccomend disabling it. Configure it instead to allow connections for file and print sharing, and only from certain clients or from any client if you wish...