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  1. Hey Guys, I have created this 3 part videos series for NAT. It explains basics of NAT and 3rd video goes into the core rules which will help you solve complex NAT problems as well. Please subscribe if you like as more videos on technologies will be coming soon Arpit Pandit CCIE#36410
  2. Hello Everyone, My name is Arpit and I have started my CCIE studies just a week ago. I am kinda stuck in OSPF adjacency details given in Jefff-Doyle Routing TCP/IP vol1. It states that "slave only sends DBDs in the response of master's DBDs and with the same sequence number" so my question is what if the Master only has one LSA to send so it will only create one DBD, but since Slave can only send the DBD in "response" then if it has got let say 10 LSAs to be sent, how would it send those in DBD when there would be no more DBDs from Master, to send response to? Secondly, I captured some packets while adjacency was being built, by Wireshark and got some strange thing into that, one of the packet was going from R1 ( to Multicast address ( but that packet was "LSAcknowledgement". But I have always read that LSACKs are ALWAYS unicast???? (Picture attached) Any help would be much appreciated...... Thanks Arpit Pandit