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    Ms Word - Header and Footer is disable.

    If you select TOOLS > Protect Document a side bar will appear. You will probably note that the "Limit Formating to a selection of Styles" has a checkmark in it. Click on the Settings hyperlink and you will see that the Footer and Header styles have been protected. If you don't know the password to remove these restrictions you won't be able to unprotect the document and edit it.
  2. helper

    wireless network using packet tracer

    AirSnort, Airopeek (by Wildpackets) are both great and I believe you can get a 30 trial of both...google them and see what you can find.
  3. helper

    Help Required - How to get my Security+ certificate

    'If you can scan you results sheet as an image and attach it to an email directed to Comptia. Include any details that you can. A similar thing happened to me but once I sent the email I had my Comptia access within 2 days and my certificate within 10 days.
  4. helper

    Ubuntu Plugins

    Here's what happening...I have installed ubuntu into a virtual machine and connected it to the Internet. I have downloaded and installed the Nessus security scanner. I can log in to the scanner and attempt to scan a remote machine...however, I constantly get a failure stating that my plug-ins are not authorized. I can see my list of plug ins but nothing happens...any help would be appriciated. I'm not a Unix guru.
  5. You need to remove the machines from the Active Directory and DNS. Then on the client machines insure that they are configured with the DNS address. Log on as the local administrator and join the domain...do not add the .XXX (the suffix for the domain). The client machines cannot rejoin the domain because the computer account (Security identifier) still remains associated to the old machine and not the new one. Make sure once you add these new machines that your syncrhonize your domain time from the client machines.
  6. helper

    Cleared A+ what next?

    Your best bet would be the N+ and then Security+...this gives you a great grounding in all the basic concepts required prior to taking CCNA or MCSE...they assume you know how to subnet, superenet and understand data packets and naming conventions, etc...
  7. helper

    netwrok+ editin 2005-edition 2007

    The exam was modified in early 2007 to improve the gammar of existing questions and add more questions to the pool however, the content, the scope of what is covered, is exactly the same. The next major upgrade is slated for sometime in 2009...they already pulled the Subject Matter Experts in for a meeting. I assume that the next upgrade will include more wireless, Vista components and technologies like IPV6 and QOS. Write soon if you can.
  8. For those who have writtent the Wireless# exam can you provide me with your "best" study material list. I on't want to purchase two or three different resources when possibly one will do. Also can you rate the exam for difficulty? I'm new to wireless and would appreciate your comments.
  9. helper

    Urgent Help In Windows 2003 Domain

    If you cannot remove the permissions above these folders, at the parent folder, attempt to TAKE CONTROL. If this still does not work, then get the xcacls.exe tool from Microsoft and use the tool from a command prompt to change the permissions...be carefull with the tool because it overwrites all permissions that are currently assigned. Good Luck