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    Wireless Speed Issue

    Hi friends, I know that the wireless has the maximum speed as compared to the 2G or 3G. To increase the speed of the internet , the wireless network are done the point to point network . So that the data con't move to the other bridge. Great share,great post , thanking you. '
  2. kashif1

    WirelessAP Antennas

    Hi friends, Really a nice discussion is done by you. Wi-fi stands for the wireless federality .It is used to connect the system to transfer the data into each other . I know that it is without a cable network. It is easy to establish and easy to use. It works on the limited area . If we can come into the reason then i will use it otherwise we can't use it. In the my opinion, it is very knowledgeable for the networking client. I hope to you to present this type of post in the future also. Great share,great post, thanking you .