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  1. https://t.co/NZMLY1OxB1

  2. use PuTTY as your terminal emulator, I believe in putty the break key works.
  3. We use Openfire here but we have it running on A Linux server rather than Windows, we also have our own branded version of Spark.
  4. Best thing to do is try and get some voluntary work, see if you can get some hands on experience with Servers and then sign up for an MCP course you'll receive all of your training material online.
  5. CentOS for LPI or Fedora, both based on RedHat.
  6. Use GNS3 with a real Cisco IOS, Packet Tracer is OK but lacks in a lot of places because it's a simulator and not the real thing, from there go online and read as much as you can on the Cisco websites, there's many sites out there that have content relating to Routing Protocols etc etc so just read through practice it in GNS3.