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    Want to learn Fortinet Firewall

    Dear all, I am working as a Network Administrator. We just move to Fortigate Firewall 80c. I f some one has a learning material in the form of videoz that will be enough for me. I am desperately looking for help regards Cybermate
  2. cybermate1122

    Fortigate Firewall VPN issue

    Dear WOU, i am desperate looking for video tutorial for Fortigate Firewall 80C. If you have omething please let me know. thanks and regards Cybermate
  3. cybermate1122

    How to Resize Partition

    Dear All, I have HP Pavilion DV6 Laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium. The Partition size of C:\ Driver was 400GB, So i shrink the volume now its 350 GB am unable to shrink it further because of some unmoveable system files.Please suggest some third party tool for this. Secondly, i have taken system image of C:\ Drive, Now, if i resize the C:\ Partion will that image work or not. Your suggestions will be highly appreciated.... Thanks and regards Kaleem Ullah Bilal
  4. cybermate1122

    Broadcast issue

    Hi Guys I am Administoring Network of 15 access and Core switches how can i identify tha if their is any broadcast in my Network. regards kaleem
  5. cybermate1122

    How to Monitor Broadcast in Network

    Dear All I am Network Admin of a network which is in Workgroup, Please suggest me windows tool for Monitoring broadcast in the Netwok i tried so many tools for this purpose but didnt Broadcast feature in these, I also tried Network Monitor ver 3.4 which comes with windows .. Please have a look on this link http://www.windowsne...rk-monitor.html i need this version for My Windows Xp Sp3 Any sugesstion will be highly appreciated.. Regards Kaleem Ullah Bilal