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    Beta Exams : Microsoft,COMPTIA,etc

    to kamtec1 where do I register for the beta exams?
  2. DJDumlao

    Free 25% Exam dicount Voucher

    Is this vouchers still valid?
  3. DJDumlao

    Exin ITILv3 discounted vouchers available

    itsolution4world is the exam vouchers free?
  4. DJDumlao

    Amd Opteron Vs Intel X86 Chips

    I think the problem with AMD is that even if it is performing better the intel is its marketing strategy.Which I think Intel has been going very well.
  5. DJDumlao

    Which Is Better Sap Or Oracle

    Which database server do you think is the best SAP or Oracle pls depend your answer.
  6. DJDumlao

    Amd Opteron Vs Intel X86 Chips

    Does anybody out here tried the amd opteron processor?Was it running ok without any problem?Is it not causing to much heat? Pls give me your comments on which you think has a better performance chip.Defend your answer.
  7. What are the pro's and con's when you use red hat or suse?what the better of the two?
  8. I have read in a article publish in networking asia that maintaning (applying patches, training, finding applications that run on it) a linux network is more expensive in the long run than buying windows servers and all its licenses that come with the product and let microsoft handle all your patches and vulnerability issues.