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    Logical Components of w2k AD

    Hi Is there any good website who would explain newbie like me difference between Tress , forest , domains , sites and their relatioship with each other with easy example? Few questions i have are as follows Why do we need more than one tree in forest? What is most common tree structure in organization? Understand what is forest role, why they exist etc? What are some low level active directory service tools? What cannot be managed through AD administrative tools in AD infrastructure? What is schema? With Example What can and cannot be replicated? How far the replication will reach? Where the replication won’t reach? What are the criteria for the DC to receive replication? Who replicates who? Who have primary responsibility to replicate? Concern or tip and trick to make it faster? Most common replication issues? Advance replication issues? Explain Domian trees? What is forest? How do you know what tress are part of same forest? How do you know what tress are parts of different forest? Relationship between domains and tress and forest?