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  1. lisawinkler

    Designing Web sites tips

    Hi everyone, Really a nice discussion is done by you. I agree everything with you say . To design a website i.e static or dynmic . First you should collect the information about the website. After that you want to develop the home page of the website after that you can add the many page in which you want to add . Thanks for sharing the information.
  2. lisawinkler

    Tags in HTML

    Hi friends, I know that HTML is the base of the every webpage .It has some suitable tag which is used to develop a website. I know that some tag are paired tag and some are the singular tag. like Heading tag, H1,H2,H3 ,H4,H5,H6 used <H1>...STATEMENT </H1> Paragraph tag - <P>.............. ...........................................</P> Break line - <br/> etc . These are used to design the webpage. Thanks for sharing the information .
  3. lisawinkler

    Web Development

    Hi everyone, I know that there are many language are used to develop a website . In my opinion, the environment is not important but language is the important that which language you have used to develop it. I know that php is used to develop the Dreamviewer so the functionality PHP is used to develop it . Thanks for sharint the information .
  4. Hi friends, To start a develop a any website , we need the home page, so to design a home page ,we need the some information about the website . After developing the home page,we start adding to the inner page and starts it's functionality of the website like security, authontication , etc. Thanks for sharing the information.
  5. lisawinkler

    building a secure web site?

    Hi everyone, To provide a security into the web development, we need the security mechanism that how can we apply to it. I know that there are many language are used to develop a website and every language has the different technology. I am talking about the java programming in which simply you can use the inner classes to provide the security mechanism. Thanks for sharing the informarion.
  6. lisawinkler

    Pc Boot Problem

    Hi friends, Don't worry ,if any problem occurs then it has the solutions also. I think that if you have any problem then you consult the internet after that you consult the other person. In my opinion,if you have finded any problem in the PC boot, then first see it bit informaton like 64 bit or 32 bit then you again see it 's boot setting property etc. Thanks for sharing the information.
  7. lisawinkler

    Keyboard problem

    Hi friends, Don't worry, there may be many types of the problem may occures. I hope that the driver is not properly install or you can open the keyboard and see it's cleaning functionaliy. Surly ,your keyboard works very successfully . Thanks for sharing the information.