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  1. First Name: Riandy Gender: Male Location: Jakarta- Indonesia Birthdate: 23 June 1989 Age: 21 Marital Status: No Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Black Height: 177 cm Siblings: 1 sister Favorite Color: Green Favorite Animal: Dog Favorite Food: Seafood Favorite Sport: Football Favorite Team: Manchester United Favorite TV Show: Junior Masterchef Favorite Movie: Jarhead Favorite Quote: The beginning is always today - Mary Wollstonecraft Favorite Singer: L'arc en Ciel Favorite Music: Anything Favorite Book: Any Book I Want To Read Favorite Hang-Out Place: Office Room Favorite Site : - - Favorite Car : Hammer Last CD You Bought: BD PES 2011 What are the Certs That You Have : Not have yet Did You Ever fail in exam/s (cert exams) : Never Are You In Love : Yeah How Did You Know Sadikhov : google Last Reason You Got Grounded: If You Could Be Anything You Want To What Would You Be: Me If You Could Travel Anywhere You Want To Where Would You Go: Hometown What Attracts You To The Opposite Sex: nothing special Your Opinion About MS (in short): cool Your Interests: Browsing Your Best Quality: Hardwork What Turns You Off: Do You Smoke: No When Do You Usually Go To Sleep: 10.00 P.M Who Would You Like To Kiss Right Now: My Girlfriend Do You Want To Add Something About You: No
  2. new pm sended for same
  3. SANS 560 pdf 2012
  4. me three in sans 560 660 580 542 ondemand videos
  5. No answer Post dead!!
  6. CEH is best or SANS best other
  7. sended pm check please
  8. whats ur account name over there Techexpert
  9. CEH expires in 3 years and ECSA material is also vaailable online
  10. would u like to exchange with some other
  11. SANS 512 PDF or SANS 617 2011 looking
  12. me 2 want to exchange
  13. I have there would u like to exchange