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  1. Hi, I never heard CPTE but i know CEH. CEHv7 provides a comprehensive ethical hacking and network security-training program to meet the standards of highly skilled security professionals. Hundreds of SMEs and authors have contributed towards the content presented in the CEHv7 courseware. Latest tools and exploits uncovered from the underground community are featured in the new package. This is information from ACIT site. For more information visit Thanks
  2. Hi, Are you getting what you want? Thanks
  3. Hi Pritha, I read your question, actually it's not a question it is a story about your qualificational life. You done many things, now also you thinking to do many things. Don't get confuse at all and don't think for everything like BCA, MCA, CCNA, CCIE etc. Concentrate on anyone only make it complete get a job then look for another one. Are you working? Thanks
  4. Hi, I have no idea about it but i suggest you a website there you can get information about ccie lab. ACIT is provide day and night practical lab guide. CCIE R&S Lab, CCIE Voice Lab, CCIE Security Lab Thanks
  5. HI, Thank you for such a useful stuff. I like it and it increase my knowledge. Thanks
  6. Hi, CCIE is one of the best CISCO course. For passing CCIE lab only need is understanding and ractice. Practice makes man perfect. In every field, every subject practice is important. Thanks
  7. Hi Fs, First of all bets luck for preparing CCNP. For books check it : Thanks
  8. Hi, Now-a-days i heard many times about cloud computing, clod training. It's v ery much famous. I also want to know about it, the URL you sent is very much useful for me, thanks a lot. Can i do these cloud computing for my website which provide microsoft and cisco certified courses like ccie, ccna training, ccnp, mcitp etc. Thanks
  9. Hi, Perfectly said by talent pk. amoun, you have 6 years experience in I.T also you took courses like MCSE 2000, 2003, CCNA then why you go for MBA now. I suggest you think again, you can do CCIE, MCITP courses and will earn a very big salary. If you haven't interest in this field and you are like to go for MBA only then go for it. Cause after all everything depends on interest. Thanks
  10. Hi, Hey check below URL you will get what you need. If not tell me i am here to help : Thanks
  11. Hi, Hey very good information about Vmware certifications and thanks for such a useful information. I can provide you information about cisco certification courses like CCIE, CCNP, CCNA TRAINING, MCITP TRAINING. If you want to know about all of these courses check this website - Thanks
  12. Hi, It seems quite tough i will ask my friend who is CCIE. Thanks
  13. Hi, Which exam you gave? Currently mcitp training, ccna training and ccie training exams are conduct in ACIT. Thanks