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  1. completeitpro

    Best way to start for CCNA

    Hi, I believe there is a resource called CBT that has good training for Cisco exams. Also, as TimAndy suggested, try look up some videos and ebooks on the topic. Good luck!
  2. completeitpro

    I want to be a Computer Networking Professional.

    I agree with mip104, you should try to look for a job as the experience will help you. Start with junior positions as they usually don't require experience and your certifications should help!
  3. completeitpro

    Which Certification i should go for? Pls guide.

    Hi, I would suggest any of the three MCTS certifications for Server 2008 - Applications Server Configuration, Network Infrastructure Configuration, or Active Directory Configuration. Depending on your skills and where you want to go, I'd start with one of those. You can also look at the MCITP certifications after those. There is an MCITP for Server 2008, as well as an Enterprise Administrator certification. I've got more information on the MCITP certifications in a recent article I wrote on my site, if anyone is interested Hope it helps, Ben
  4. completeitpro

    i need an advice for my career in IT

    Hi Pritha, It seems like you have the dedication to get a career in IT, but you're just not sure on where to start. I would decide which area of IT you wish to get into, which will help determine the next step. If it's networking, you can get your CCNA certification. If it's software development, you could look into a Java certification. If it's database administration, an Oracle or MCTS could be the certification to get. I recently wrote a post on my website that explains how to start a career in IT, I hope it helps you and anyone else reading this post. Ben
  5. completeitpro

    CCNP certification

    I believe you need all three certifications to obtain the CCNP certification. If you already have the SWITCH and TSHOOT exams completed, you should just be able to pass the ROUTE to get the CCNP. I suggest confirming this on the Cisco website first, though, just to be sure.
  6. completeitpro

    What is CCNA?

    Yeah, Cisco (as well as other providers) usually update their certifications every few years, to include new technologies and concepts. It's good to keep up to date with the latest information.
  7. completeitpro

    Need Advice for taking one of these certifications.

    Hi, you mention you're not an employee yet. Is there a reason for that? I would think that with your MCSA/MCSE you would be able to get a job - this would help in getting money for further certifications as well!
  8. completeitpro

    I need an advice

    I'm not sure that your certifications would help you migrate to a different country? I would check with your country's laws and see what else you can do to move to another place.
  9. completeitpro

    What to Do?

    I think the MBA is a bit too much for an IT career. It's a business certification, and while it can be helpful, it's not really going to help someone find a job early in their IT career. Which other area do you want to move in to? Software development, testing, databases, networking, something else? Once you work that out, you can obtain a certification and the required knowledge, which should be enough to start a job in that area. Hope this helps!
  10. completeitpro

    IT Career Paths

    There does seem to be an increase in demand for different areas of IT. It's good to see that businesses are recognizing that IT can actually help them, and isn't just a waste of money!