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  1. i had passed higher secondary in 2001 with pure science background my date of birth is 28/02/1983 after that i was in complete disarray. In 2004 i had enrolled the BCA course in distance mode from IGNOU and continue to carry on it.. but after a while i dont concentrate enough in study for BCA due to family fincancial problem..so until 2006 i had only passed 6 subjects.. as the course is an integrated one for MCA,so in 2008 i automatically enrolled for the MCA..but till date i havnt completed any of my paper of BCA and MCA also..in the mean time i have learned RHCE in 2009. MANY of my friend now suggesting me to complete the BCA/MCA integrated course within 1 year i.e. 2 semester but as it is already 2012..i only will have the MCA/BCA degree by 2013 and till then i will reach an age on 30years. but i am totally confused that if i completed my graduataion and masters at that age of 30+ can i enter the IT industry with a age of 30+ years with an MCA degree from IGNOU? or else you suggest to take the short term courses like CCNA,MCSE or JAVA and ORACLE or PHP/MY SQl certification and with that try to create a chance to enter in IT industry as DATABASE administrator or NETWORK admin or sys admin..but will they take me at this age with only those certification without graduation.?? or you suggest me to carry on the graduation with those short term courses of ORACLE and JAVA..?? please help me sir.. i am at a loss..now there are very much pressure from surrounding .. should i take a fresh admission in BCA in IGNou or else i should start to get those certification course as early as possible while pursuing grad..