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  1. amalayer

    Virtualization certification

    Always remember this thought. So always do practice it will help you a lot,especially in getting use of what needs to be getting used to.
  2. amalayer

    What is MCITP?

    Topics may vary but not limited to Windows System Resource Manager,Online Certificate Status Protocol Responder,Version information,among others.
  3. amalayer

    ~hey Everyone I Passed a CCIP Exam

    Congrats to those who passed. Those materials are truly helpful.
  4. amalayer

    6102.1 exam materials

    It's sample questions from the exam, to prepare oneself before taking it.
  5. Being the pioneer of Offshore IT Training,granted that they will give a good training services.
  6. amalayer

    Cisco Bough Meraki

    Meraki was reflection of the growing demand for WiFi in a smartphone & tablet infested world maybe that was why they bought it.
  7. amalayer

    Togaf 9 OR 9.1 Cert

    A certification that can be achieve only by passing the applicable exam defined by the Certification Authority.
  8. amalayer

    Scope of RHCE Certification in India

    Professionals holding this certification have continually helped their companies with successful deployments and migrations.
  9. amalayer


    This certification level requires you to pass two exams.
  10. amalayer

    Account Managment

    Restricted Groups functionality in Group Policy is what you're looking for. It'll automate the group nesting on an arbitrary number of computers.
  11. I've read somewhere about iVortexes.. I don't know though if they are good or not.
  12. amalayer

    How to search folder in Outlook2010

    I usually search for the folder name first. It's a big disaster for me if I ever forgot the folder's file name.
  13. amalayer


    I haven't heard any yet.
  14. amalayer

    Recover Image From MAC Crashed Hard Drive

    So this is how yo do it properly... I've been trying to do recover my lots images using the tips posted above, but I just can't figure it out correctly.
  15. amalayer

    Finally Apple iphone 4s is hereā€¦

    IPhone 5 is already out.. But what phone do you think is better than IPhone5?