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  1. EIGRP

    Thanks for your sharing, it helps me a lot. Catherine
  2. Thanks for your sharing. For more learning materials of CCNA Security, go here. Catherine
  3. CCNP certification

    If your CCIP is still valid, I think you just need to pass 2 exams to get your CCNP. Catherine
  4. ccnp without hands on

    Sounds interesting? Anyone? Catherine
  5. CCIE Security Rack

    You can find affordable rack rentals at Presidential Training. Catherine
  6. CCIE Number

    I guess it's just like we don't really need a license plate number for our bicycles? (Just kidding) Catherine
  7. CCIE R&S Written passed

    Congrats, hope you all have plans for your lab exams. Catherine
  8. ~~~Hi Everyone I Passed CCIE RS Written Today ~~~

    Congrats you guys on passing written and lab exams. Catherine
  9. P4S Trouble

    6over4 is a tunneling technique meanwhile 6to4 is the translation technique to translate from ipv4 to ipv6 and vice versa. Catherine
  10. Anyone giving R&S v4 lab in may?

    How's it going with your lab exam, Sachin? Please keep us posted and share the journey with you. Catherine
  11. ccie lab switch question

    Actually, not really regret, you know . I've got two POE 3550 and two non-POE, so just a wish of having 2x3560 instead. Catherine
  12. CCIE Seucrity V4 Study Material

    Try looking for study materials from online training providers, I think some of them may have released the V4 materials. Catherine
  13. want to access ccie security rack?

    Anyone interested in rack rentals for CCIE Security V4, check it out at Presidential Training. Catherine
  14. CCIE security V4 preparation

    New labs for CCIE Security V4 can also be found at Presidential Training. Workbooks and training materials will be available soon. Catherine
  15. i need an advice for my career in IT

    Keep focused and do what you love the most. Catherine