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  1. We will come to you to repair your system. Or you may bring it to us. Our technicians are very professional and ready to assist your computer needs. Our turnaround service is 1 day or less depending on the workload and the actual work that is needed to be performed. We cover everything from Malware/virus cleanups. To operating system repairs and reinstallations. Please check back periodically for updates and offers. We have worked in San Antonio for the last two years. We don’t believe in just fixing a system and returning it. Our standards are to exceed your expectations and deliver a sense of security that your system will continue to be protected. For more information please feel free to contact us today. Our site link: http://affordableteks.com/ (visit here) We are a professional group trying to help others in finding affordable solutions to their computer needs without having to go to a corporate giant that may pressure their clients into purchasing unnecessary computer software. There are alternatives that will save you time and money. We educate our clients while providing them support.