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  1. Hi there , There is one of our customers willing to have an application on his Iphone to be able to monitor and listen to the recorded calls on his system ( CUCM 8.5 ) Is that possible , Is there any such app ? Thanks
  2. Hi there Here in the head office we are running CUCM 8 , now we have a new branch where they are having their own UC540 with analog phones connected to it , for now they didn't get their E1 yet and there for it is required to connect their UC540 to our CUCM and the analog phones shoud get the DID's from our pool Data link is already there between the HQ and the branch , so could it be done by initiating a SIP trunk between CUCM and UC540 or anyother method to make this works .
  3. techdiver

    Guest Vlan

    I'm not familiar with Vlan ACL , but i'll check the online examples Thank you martinlo
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    Guest Vlan

    Hi there , In my lab i'm running Cisco 3560 L3 switch connected to the Firewall and then to the internet router I've Vlans for ( Users , servers , FW , etc ) My Switch is routing between vlans and it's defult route would be the Firewall now i want to creat a new Vlan for my wireless AP but i need whoever connect to the wireless will be able only to use internet but will not be able to access any of the other resources How can i do that ? Note : i don't wanna use Private-Vlans Thank you