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  1. titas

    Microsoft project purpose

    Dear all Hope you are doing well. Now I am doing work as Asst. System administrator. Now I need create a project for my academic purpose using Microsoft server ( Like as Domain controller, Active directory, mail server, Dynamics server, SharePoint). Actually my goal develops carrier as System administrator. So that I want to create a project which I can imply in my professional career. Please let me know the best option for developing my career as a system or network administrator.
  2. Dear all, Hope you are doing well. How can I crack Microsoft office 2010 professional, Visio 2010 and project 2010 ? Or please give me a download link office 2010 ultimate link
  3. Thanks for your replay. Yeah, required computer accessories record update software. Like that how many computer accessories ( like mouse, Keyboard, Headphone etc) in my hand . And how many accessories in use also how many accessories need purchase? If need any more information let me know.
  4. Dear all Hope you are doing well. Recently joined a company as IT officer. I need record IT product. How many items are consumed and purchasing? But I want to implement the data by using a software. Have any software for implementing in my desktop PC. Please give me the link. I am waiting for your kind response
  5. Thanks for your nice co-operation. Already i have received the file from another site. If anyone need the file you can download using the link http://Moderated Download is only possible from the original redhat website, don't distribute other links
  6. Dear all, I wanna download Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3 (i386/x86/x64) iso....for free ..I know It's paid OS...but I need it free ..so I'll be thankful if someone give me a link to download it. thank you in advance ..
  7. Dear all, I am Titas Sarker. Now I am studying a Master's in Information Technology. I would like to learn Network Simulator. But the problem is here I am a novice. How to start the Network Simulator learning please advice me. My honorable teacher advised me for my research paper create a protocol using Network simulator. I am waiting for your proper guideline. Noted : I have completed CCNA course.