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    Hi guys, I have created a website I want to share with you: http://www.easysubnetting.net/ It is still going through some tech reviews and changes, but have a look at tell me if you like it. 100% free, no catches there. Articles, quizzes, practice exams, cheat sheets, and more. Tell me what u think pls, share your ideas.
  2. Hi, Faisal.Saleem suggested creating a section dedicated to CCNA questions. If you like this idea and you are active, I will post a quiz like this every week for you. CCNA Quiz Week 1 - Network Fundamentals Questions can be: * easy ** medium *** hard Q1. * PC1 is pinging PC2. What are the source and destination IP and MAC addresses when this message leaves SW1? What are the source and destination IP and MAC addresses when this message leaves R1? Create a table like this: 1 Source IP: .............. Destination IP: ............... Source MAC: ......... Destination MAC: ........... 2 Source IP: .............. Destination IP: ............... Source MAC: ......... Destination MAC: ........... Q2. * Which two protocols can be used to identify a directly connected network device? Choose two. A ) CDP B ) LLDP C ) PPTP D ) L2TP E ) STP Q3. ** Your PC has received the following IP information from a DHCP server: IP address: Subnet mask: /25 Default gateway: You want to configure a new access point with a static IP address and put it in the same subnet as your PC. Which IP addresses could you use? Choose two. A ) B ) C ) D ) E ) F ) G )
  3. mkccna

    CCENT and CCNA projects - volunteers needed :)

    The first one is here: http://www.trickyexam.net/ The idea is to create a website that people can use to practice exam questions. My goal is to create 1000 exam questions with DETAILED explanations. I want to deliver some webinars, be online for people etc. I know there are websites like this but there are two main things I want to focus on: detailed explanations so students can use it to study. No braindumps allowed. Questions, drag&drop, labs etc. The advantage is a detailed explanation for everything. all for free with me and other active members for delivering webinars etc. Because this is a challenge for me when it comes to wordpress and the amount of time, I will probably go to Indiegogo for funding to get sth I can start with... The webiste has been created as you can see, feel free to check it out. What do u think?
  4. Hi guys, I need a few people to help me with two projects related to the CCENT and CCNA exams. No - not selling anything here, it will be available for free for everybody when it is ready. The idea is to help you pass the CCENT, CCNA, and CCNA Sec exams. No - no braindumps either. I do know the rules and actually that one is the main one. Keep guessing ;-) This is top secret ;-) but I guarantee a lot of fun and help with your Cisco studies. Would love to hear from a couple of certified people and someone studying towards the cert. Anyone? BTW: you are not allowed to ask for something if you do not offer anything first, so here is a cheat sheet I made some time ago for CCENT, still good for CCNA. Tell me if u like it, I have more Thx CCENT-Cheat-Sheet-Commands-Shortcuts_.pdf