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  1. Books

    Is this a place of IT techies; Well I have serious doubt about it. IT guys begging for books . This does not suite them . they say Please give this book Do you have that book I need this book I have got this book who need this Pathetic Seems to me as a fish market that hell section of books I hate that section to bottom of my heart An utter nonsense Please close that forum
  2. Can U Help

    How about Pharos (i think i spell it write) or Remeses
  3. Are We Going Dull

    I hope this guy would be here really missing a guy of such an attitude and his answers
  4. Are We Going Dull

    Thanks for your reply Kippy. One more question cant these too many General Forums be reduced or collapsed to one. this wuld reduce the practise
  5. Are We Going Dull

    Well shouting that the forum is best does not make any sense. Off topic forum is not bad but maximum post are daily posted in this forum. You look like that you are not going to accept this. Also there is only a few good quality posts here. Section buddies seem to just make an impression that they are good. I feel what I have written. It just for the goodwill of the forum instead of making only relations make a good technical place covering all the IT industry issue. This is the darker part I am taking about Well I am newbie everything is left to you And specially Kippy you are a moderator dont you feel you are short tempered. I will suggest you to be a cool person when you handle such things
  6. Are We Going Dull

    This forum seems to be with persons who dont want to identify the darker part of the forum. I dont see anyone interested in disscussing such a clear fact stuff. Is everyone afraid to disscuss such a bare fact or no one has got words
  7. Are We Going Dull

    I gave this line for your answer
  8. Are We Going Dull

    well I agree with this guy. I have been as a guest on the forum for a long time watching the responses and all posts. But the quality and quantity both in my opinion have degraded. Quantity is for sure as the downloads removed but no quality posts Everyone seems to be interested to in more off topics than real stuff
  9. Try To Get Out Of This Room

    got out of the room