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  1. Hello, I am planning to redesign complicated network to make it simplify. Can some1 give detail config option for Cisco 3560 L3 switch? New scenarios design >> 1 Cisco 5510 ASA 1 ISP 1 Cisco 2560 switch 3 subnets My doubts are - How can I point gateways from 3 subnets on L3 switch to ASA + configure site to site VPN tunnels on same ASA + Internet access? - I have only 4 ports on 5510 ASA box. Thanks in advance.
  2. @Barton >> Which exam you gave? 1Z0-820 ? [ Upgrade exam ]
  3. Hello, Any1 appeared for 1Z0-820 exam? I started preparation today.
  4. Hello, I am having root domain. Also having child domain. Goal :- Discard child domain and extend root domain in another site where child domain exists. Some details:- At site where Schema master resides have 193.168.x range Child domain site has 192.168.1.x range subnet Both sites as of now connected by IPSec VPN. Question:- Is it possible to install additional DC + DNS in another site [ where already child domain exists ] without changing anything? [ I am considering that I need to join existing desktop's,laptop's to root domain. ]
  5. Hello, I used password reset method in my cisco 3560 switch some time back but I really don't remember if this process/method preserves existing configuration or not. Any1 can confirm? I referred to this link >> hxxp:// So the question is if I follow these steps, it'll restore my existing set up + new password? Unfortunattly I dont have backup of this switch config but I know config in it.
  6. Thanks. I am really kind of dumb in understanding cmd commands in Cisco. Good news is I managed to block URL's via ASDM by referring to this cisco URL >> hxxp:// Created Regular expressions,added ACL and it worked ! My mistake was I was putting dot before creating expression value. Correct expression value is > \.youtube\.com I was using dot at beginning. Now, 2 new problems >> - I added tcp/http & tcp/https + urllist1 & its value , urllist2 + value. - Above setting now altogether blocking all https URL's on that specific link. [ but it isn't blocking all http URL's ] - I added ACL in global access list as follows >> source <any> destination <any> service tcp/http,tcp/https HTTP filtering scan block facebook,youtube etc [ for 10.100.10.x & another VLAN ] I want to know how can I put multiple value's in single urllist value field? And why all https web-sites are getting blocked? Is it because I have mentioned no specific https URL in blocked list? Why I added tcp/https because wanted to ensure no1 can access fb using https. Any hints?
  7. Can't get above line. Can you pls elaborate? A bit confused about the "allow IP" in red bracket. deny & allow in same expression?
  8. 10.100.10.x
  9. I have sent you "sh run" file just now via PM. Pls check it.
  10. What can I do to define them? As of now this firewall is the gateway for all vpn traffic i.e . Another 5510 is configured only for http access = proxy [ Squid linux ] + another internet line. But actual problem is people remove proxy settings from web-browser and browse any sites via above link which I want to stop. Unfortunately 5510 doesn't support policy based routing which is too bad for me. Just wonder if I upgrade firmware any chances that I can get policy based routing option? I saw new release of ASDM are available for 5510.
  11. Hello Mark, Getting error at last line. Pls see this screenshot >> hxxp://
  12. How to check that? I connect to ASA using PuTTy ( version 0.56 ) to fire those regex commands. In general via puTTy it accepts reload command. I connect using SSH protocol from PuTTy. I am not sure how to check sh version in ASA. Googled but didn't help. ASA version: 8.3(1) ASDM version: 6.3(1) Device Type: ASA 5510 Firewall Mode: Routed I have above info displaying when I run ASDM.
  13. Cisco engineer sent me a pdf which had steps how to block certain url's using regex. But my ASA throws error stating that regex command not found.
  14. Hello Mark, Thanks for quick reply. I followed above URL only but didn't help.
  15. Hello, I have 1 Cisco ASA 5510 device. Has only firewall module. I want to block several URL's. Any hints how can I do that? I tried by following Cisco URL/guide where we need to create URL maps etc and add access list. Didn't work. [ Tried in ASDM mode i.e. GUI ] Also tried using regex command. But ASA says command not found. Unfortunately I don't have expertise on Cisco which doesn't use policy based routing so in trouble.