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  1. merlin

    Exams For Upgrading To Windows Server 2008 Certificate.

    Can you upgrade by one exam even if you are MCSA?
  2. merlin


    I became MCSE in april, and took a long brake. Now, i'm studying again for a month and im planning to do the 70-285 exam next week. As ussual i start to do practice exams a week before taking the exam. But this dump has the following question: You need to design access to e-mail by internet users What should you do? A) Configure front-end servers to use http to communicate with back-end servers Configure the internal firewall to allow IPsec between front-end and Back-end servers C) Require all users to encrypt outbound e-mail messages D) Issue digital certificates to all remote users, require the certificates to be used when authenticating to AWO. They say B I would say D, why? Because communication between front-end and Back-end does not use IPsec by default. So the commication is there, no intervention needed to give internet users access to OWA. This set-up is not adviced because of the security risk of unsecuring your front-end/ back-end communication. But is does work. Also D is not required for OWA to work, issuing a certificate enable you to use SSL for OWA access. What do you guys think? Oh man, it feals great to be back
  3. merlin

    Dns Recovery

    In Server 2003 the DNS integrated zones are held in an application partition. You can authoritatively restore that as part of an AD restore. Or for simplicity for testing you could go back to file based zones - but you ideally should leave them in AD and practice the restore using a system state backup of the AD
  4. You can move all your abjects from the child domain to the parent domain. after this is done you can upgrade the dc's, and than upgrade the functional level. I would remove the child domain prior to upgrading the functional level of the parent domain.
  5. merlin

    Preventing Sharing

    Check this out: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/assistan...aspx?mode=print
  6. merlin

    Your Opinion Is Valuable

    This is the way i've done it. Place the router, configure it and leave no unneccesary open hole's. Place a second networkcard in the server. Atache the router to the server, configure the server as: RAS server, DHCP, DNS and domain controler. Configure one Nic as WAN and the other as LAN. Link the switch to the LAN nic. Connect the computers to the switch. Set the server as default gateway for the clients. configure the server to use the router as default gateway.
  7. Thats strange, wel you could run the msi again. This may trigger the windows installer, to check the history of the package. You'll probebly get the option to remove the service pack.
  8. merlin

    Bittorrents Issue!

    I think ABC is prety good, Small and a simple GUI
  9. I do not understand point 2 and 3. You need and DNS server with 3 Reccords: An A, MX record and its PTR record. If the intranet is only going to be accessable from within the LAN, you do not need hosting for that.
  10. merlin

    File Replication

    There only one way to this, and that is by using DFS.
  11. merlin

    Operating Systems

    I make my living on supporting Microsoft products. So i choose MS. Do not know much about Linux, but what i know is that both OS'ses do crash, and need to be patched. Some more than the other, but that has something to do with the poppullarity of the OS.
  12. merlin

    Ntldr Problem

    Boot to the windows recovery console Than Fixboot /mbr No success... sorry, than you need to reinstall windows
  13. You need to use the new version of the RDP client. There is a difference between the clients used in 2000 and XP, you can get the new version from the Microsoft website. This is a known issieu wich they ask in the MS exams.
  14. merlin

    Active Directory

    Is server1 fully configured as a domain contoller? If yes On server2, Click start, run, type DCPROMO. Followe the domain controller configuration wizard and sellect domain controller in an existing domain. I hope your first domain controller is configured with active directory intigrated DNS.
  15. merlin


    Do what makes you feel good. I have chosen this job, because i loved computers and networks, and it felt good to be an IT administrator. Something i do get sick of it all, but would not want to miss it. If you are going to take place in the RATRACE, choose something you like doing. Do not do it for the money, because you will not like the life you are living.