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  1. MrRumble

    Remote Camera viewing

    I'm glad you got it working somehow, but how is your father connecting remotely? Are you making him have to go to the FTP server in order to grab the current remote IP address? I would have a registered a free account with the NO-IP dot COM service, DYNDNS or many others, have those services take care of grabbing the current remote IP and be able to access it no matter what it is with an easy to remember domain name provided by these services. Extremely simple set up and use afterwards. Know what I mean? **EDIT I see the DDNS idea was already mentioned, nvm =)
  2. MrRumble

    Endpoint Security

    Have a look at this also: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps6120/index.html Read more on it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clean_Access_Agent
  3. MrRumble

    Internet Browsing Is Slow

    This may be a far cry, but check the bandwidth your mail server is using. It once happened to me that web browsing was slowed down to a crawl, and after endless troubleshooting, it turned out the e-mail queue was chewing up the bandwidth. Traffic shaping on the mail server did the trick for me.
  4. MrRumble

    Web Browsing Issue

    Chances, Thanks for the suggestion, I'll look into it.
  5. MrRumble

    Web Browsing Issue

    Ok, so the problem persists. This is driving me nuts! I'm going to continue trying different things and post back...
  6. MrRumble

    Web Browsing Issue

    So far, seems like the issue's gone away. Thanks for your input fellas.
  7. MrRumble

    Web Browsing Issue

    Hello Anxious and InDublin, Securing against cache pollution was already enabled. Anxious, I did as you suggested and cleared the cache. InDublin, I tried changing the server I was fowarding to. I'll see how it goes over the day. Thanks very much guys. I'll post back to confirm the status of the issue.
  8. Hey guys, I’m experiencing a bizarre issue that I’m having difficulty in pinning down. Certain client PCs are occasionally having trouble browsing the web, as if the machine cannot resolve DNS. I can ping internal IPs no problem from them, so physically it looks ok, doesn’t seem like it’s a switch interface problem and looks like the TCP/IP stack is functioning. Internally, the Windows firewall is usually disabled, but enabling it, as expected, doesn’t do much. I can even ping my DHCP/DNS server with an IP or hostname, but it just won't resolve on the net. After 10 or so minutes the machine suddenly can resolve. However, a manual ipconfig /renew always gets the machine working "on the net" again immediately. I checked DNS config and Events on my DNS server (which is Server 2003 Standard SP1, the main DC hosting Active Directory), and everything seems to be ok, nothing has changed... I thought it might be something in the communication between the client PC and the server, so I tried removing a client from the Domain, and re-adding it. The symptoms eventually reappeared, so no go with that one. I’m out of ideas, wondering if anyone here has seen this before. I don’t think it’s a virus, as SAV10 hasn’t detected anything yet. It does appear to be the same clients showing the same issue time and time again however. Let me know if you have any pointers. Any assistance is much appreciated.
  9. Hello, Is anyone aware of an offer or upgrade from Microsoft to upgrade from 2000 Server to Server 2003? Your help is much appreciated
  10. MrRumble

    Windows Server 2003 + Audio

    Are you properly enabling the sound in Server 2003? Try using this as a guide: http://www.msfn.org/win2k3/sound.htm
  11. Precisely why you start off as support, then/or Administrator, and through experience and education develop into an Engineer. Think, "start at the bottom, work your way up".
  12. MrRumble

    Should Resumes Have Photos

    I don't think including a photograph when applying for a technical position is a great idea. Not sure about everywhere else, but here in Canada for example, you are advised against including personal information such as birthplace, height/weight and/or ethnicity. It's none of anybody's concern, really. In fact, it's against the law for an employer to directly ask during an interview things such as your age. Honestly though, if an employer prejudges you because you're of Arab descent, then that employer was never really worth working for in the first place. Have faith in yourself and go through with your application. Without your photograph
  13. MrRumble

    My Resume Look :)

    Also, don't forget that in the agreement you made when getting certified with CompTIA, that anytime you list your credential officially, you must list CompTIA Security+ and not just Security+
  14. MrRumble

    Best Anti-virus

    Here's a workshop we ran at school, testing various AV's. Our instructor submitted an article, here it is: hxxp://www.overclockers.com/articles1260/
  15. MrRumble

    Post Of The Month

    Wow, I've been busy this last bit and haven't shown my face around here for a few days. Just recently I realized I was nominated for the Post of the Month award and won. Thank you, and I would like to say that firstly, I'm honoured that I was considered, and secondly I'd like to congratulate all the Mods and Members alike for their warmth and quality contributions to this Forum. Keep up the great work, and God bless you all