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    Memory utilization above 90%.....Malware?

    It is not as easy as you think, If i was able to identify the process, I wouldn't have posted here. As mentioned earlier, task manager does not show any process utilization memory to that level and hijackthis identified all processes running to be valid. A typical scenario where I could have easily blamed it on the hardware, but not only have we replaced this laptop with a new one but we are also experiencing similar behavior on a different model. This in my opinion would require a forensic analysis, if malware is suspected, which after all this troubleshooting is very much likely a reason for the memory utilization. However if you have a better solution then be my guest, after all the purpose of posting this issue here is to find an easy solution.
  2. Hello Everyone, I came across a very strange issue. We have two laptops different models with 4GB RAM. The memory utilization for both these laptops run constantly at more than 90%. When you put these laptops in sleep mode and turn it back on, the memory utililization drops for sometime and then slowly regains it back to above 90%. Task manager did not reveal any process for such hike in memory. Took out all programs from startup without any success. Suspecting this could be a malware, I even ran Malwarebytes, Hijackthis, online eset scans, trend micro scan and still couldnt find any infection. Can anyone suggest something that can be done to get the memory utilization down. Thank you.
  3. Exactly even I was not able to find this option, I literally clicked on all the options in LMS but couldn't find any to change the email body. Moreover the subject line has "Device name" as the first field which gives you the IP address instead of the Hostname or Display name which is more intuitive than the IP address. Very disappointing to know that Cisco LMS has such limitations which is a must for any network management software.
  4. Hi, We have been receiving email alerts for any unresponsive devices in Cisco Prime. I was able to find the option to customize the subject for such email alert under Admin-Network-Notification and Action settings, however I am not able to locate the option to change the email body. The email body for such alerts has lot of unrequired information which I would like to remove. Can someone provide me the options on how to get rid of such information in the email body. Regards
  5. Thank you for the suggestion, I actually have the DVD video tutorial prepared by Shon Harris and I have the AIO 5th edition as well. The reason for a workshop is time, my company wants me to complete CISSP before September and frankly speaking I don't have that much of time to go through the DVD's and the book. Hence was thinking of attending the workshop and giving a shot at the exam directly. Whats your input on this approach?
  6. Can anyone suggest an institute good enough for CISSP training in Mumbai? Any inputs is highly appreciated. Regards
  7. Hi, Has anyone recently passed CEH exam. If yes then probably you can help me with my queries related to CEH exam? I intend to pass this exam based via the Self study method. I have more than 5 years experience in managing Networks and Security. As per ECCOUNCIL website, I would need to fill an eligibility form and remit 100$ non refundable amount to ECCOUNCIL. When I click on the Orders page, there are lots of options to select from. Which option should I go for? I guess it should be "Vue Eligibility Application Fee" Also when I tried to register for the CEH V7 exam via VUE, I don't see any requirement for entering eligibility code. It takes me directly to the payment page and seems like I can schedule and pay for this exam without entering any Eligibility code. So do I still need to fill the eligibility form for this exam? Help very much appreciated. Regards
  8. sandy2810

    Blue Coat Proxy Administator

    Did you guys manage to pass this exam? I have few questions related to it.
  9. sandy2810


    I think it comes to around 24Kbps per call for g729. So you would get around 20 to 21 calls to pass through a 512K connection.
  10. sandy2810

    Networkers Home

    If you pass your CCIE, you will definitely get a job with or without experience doesnt matter. Now this will give you higher designated jobs....I doubt it because of lack of experience. You would probably start off with Network and Security Engineer and build your way up from there. My suggestion, if you have not started working yet then this is the good time to complete CCIE cause once you start working then allocating time for CCIE preparation becomes difficult. Note that preparing for CCIE requires lot of determination and hardwork so dont give up half way. All the best.
  11. Mark, this would have worked if we had local authentication. Radius would require, as Othman suggested use of AV pair. I need to check how this AV pair can be used.
  12. I totally agree with you Mark, but forced to use the existing resources to accomplish my task. What If I enter the following commands. ---------------------------------------- aaa-server XXX protocol radius aaa authentication telnet console XXX LOCAL aaa authentication ssh console XXX LOCAL aaa authorization command XXX LOCAL username superadmin password privilege 15 Username restricteduser password privilege 5 privilege clear level 5 command crypto ---------------------------------------------- I then add the restriceduser and superadmin under the group in Microsoft IAS which allows access to the firewalls. The above config will only work if the Radius server is not reachable and I guess by default all users authenticating via the radius have priv 15. What do you suggest? Regards
  13. Opps!!! I forgot to mention, the Cisco devices I am talking about are firewalls and not routers or switches. The radius server is Microsoft IAS. I want to create a user in ASA and assign him with a lower privilege with only one command in it. So all the user can do is clear any jammed IPSEC sessions.
  14. Thanks Markin but as Othman already pointed out, we are looking for a solution which will load balance both our Internet links. Othman, because ASA does not support PBR it cant do load balancing and hence a third party appliance is needed to accomplish this.The method you suggested will somewhat balance the load between the links but what about inbound services? How can I have all my web published services still running in case of a single link failure? Regards