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  1. TAVId

    CCM 6.0

    Can you log in with ssh to the server? And if it still doesn't work do a password recovery and that's it.
  2. TAVId

    Ccm5 Crack

    As far as I know, you can change the mac address if you boot with a CM5 rescue cd and load the linux image. from linux cli u can set the eth0 hw address. Don't know any other details but if u succed let us know.
  3. U will not be able to do much cvoice labs in dynamips, since it does not support voice ports.
  4. Try accessing it on IP address instead of ccmpub And use IE not Mozilla.
  5. TAVId

    Mba It Vs Itil

    My honest opinion. Do them both ! MBA lasts.... and while you complete it, u should have the time for ITIL too. Tavi.
  6. CCNP sounds the obvious choice after CCNA. Tavi
  7. TAVId

    Mcse 2k3 . My Journey And Experience

    Well .... you took it a little to literaly. I didn't say that you're not a professional or that you don't know your stuff if you use google from time to time. But using it too often... then there is a problem, because it seams that you lack something. I guess everybody use it. And this is what is his purpose anyhow. - of course it's true Again, true! That's why more and more companies (including the one I work for) adopt this... how should I call it... IT Ticket System. Every help-desk/support problem is logged. When a certain problem occurs again then you can check to see if anybody encontered it in the past and solved it, before you proceed to finding a solution yourself. It saves time and money. - honoured But I should correct myself... it's yourself insteed of youself. I miss letters when I'm in a hurry. (or hungry) Tavi
  8. TAVId

    Mcse 2k3 . My Journey And Experience

    Very true... I have a work coleague who failed a MS exam although he's very good. I do too. But these are high end certifications wich have very big requirements. You have to have 5 years experience in one of the 10 IT domains to be able to be a CISSP. You can take and pass the exam but until you can prove your 5 years of experience you'll be an associate and not recognised as a CISSP. Of course everybody knows about the CCIE. It's an exam wich necesitates tremendous technical hands-on experience (the lab). If there wasn't for the experience then everybody would have it, regarding the marketability and the recognition of this exam. I also hold true respect for this certs. Only true IT professionals hold this certificates. I also believe CISA and ITIL are one of the most respectable certifications. TAVI.
  9. TAVId

    Mcse 2k3 . My Journey And Experience

    With all due respect, you fix them maybe because you have experience not because you passed the exams and have certifications. I really respect your opinion but I don't know what or how much you understood from my post. I don't say I know every bit I will ever need, I say that when I learn, I learn like I would really need it in the future. Of course, if you don't use the information repeatedly, you will soon lose (forget) some of it, it's only human. If you forget it then you can use the study guides for reference or google. But craming an exam, TK a couple of times and passing it in 4 days and then when you have to do sometihng, use google.... well, this seams stupid. then, why are you certified for?! why do you call yourself a professional?! With all these certified nutheads, I'm beggining to think (not completly sure) that TK is the worse thing that could happen to "certifications world" because certifications are loosing their credibility and more and more "certified nut-crackers" appear. Sorry, maybe I'm a little bit out of line but this is my point of view. I'm looking forward for other opinions. TAVI.
  10. TAVId

    Mcse 2k3 . My Journey And Experience

    Excellent! More and more employers will do that. Because more and more employers know and realise that nowadays, as someone said, you can pass a MCSE in a couple of weeks. They're not saying that you're a paper mcse but they should be sure of this. My saying is... "Trust, but verify!" CCNP's MCSE's and other certified professinals, get more attention in the IT field when it comes to a new job. But in my opinion... they have to prove that they're qualified before they're hired. The ideal combination would be a couple of years experience in IT field and some certs. From my personal experience I tell you that if you're certified that doesn't necesarly mean that you can handle imediatly any troubleshooting activity. In real world, sometimes things differ. Another point of mine is that... (and this was overlooked by many, if not all of you) a certification tells much more than the fact that you are an IT proffesional, it tells that you are more interested in your career, that you want to develop youself and to evolve. It says much of you as a person. And this carries a lot of weight too in an interview. My opinion is... Earn certifications and KNOW YOUR STUFF WELL!!! it's true that you don't use every information from the certs in real life but WHEN YOU LEARN FOR IT LEARN IT LIKE YOU WOULD DO (don't rely on google). TAVI.
  11. CCIE on the 6th place?! That's crazy!
  12. TAVId

    VLANS explanation

    ) I didn't even have the time to read it all. Nice explanation. Write it entirelly did ya?! Waaay too much time. TAVI.
  13. TAVId

    Ospf, Xamsrus Question

    I wish I could give you a practical exemple but for now I'm only a theoretician. I'm not arguing, but the reason I would incline to choose that answer is that I'm thinking about routing metrics. Let's start from the idea that a routing algorithm determines that one route is better than another by analising routing metrics => path costs. These are bandwidth, communication cost, delay hop count, load, MTU, reliability. So OSPF chooses the shortest path based on these metrics (the lowest cost). Indeed "network congestion" is not a metric. The thing is... routing updates appear when topology changes occur and not when network congestion appears. So the question is... Does the router chose another path if the cost of the current path rised? (How?!?!) I would like to see more opinions about this subject. bakerjay, we're talking about bandwidth being the maximum bandwidth of a link wich is constant (never changes). u're talknig about throughput i guess. Tavi.
  14. TAVId

    Ospf, Xamsrus Question

    I see what u're saying but indirectly OSPF actually makes decisions based on network congestion because it considers stuff like bandwidth, delay, reliability. Network congestion is an event that happens and when this happens these (bandwidth, delay, reliability) are affected and OSPF judges based on this criteria too. But the answer... ...is "weird" . Still... I would chose it. So A,C,D Tavi.
  15. TAVId

    Ospf, Xamsrus Question

    well... because it maintains indeed, a single routing table of paths. So the afirmation that "OSPF mantains a single routing table" is true. It doesn't maintain several routing tables. Link-State protocols use LSAs, a topological database, the SPF algorithm, a resulting SPF tree and a routing table of paths. Pls corect me if I'm wrong. Or to quote someone... U know who... Beat me with a stick if I'm wrong! Tavi.